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Lower Galilee During the Iron Age

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Lower Galilee During the Iron Age

by Zvi Gal

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Table of Contents


The geography of Lower Galilee--of no small significance in the biblical record--has not received scholarly attention within the modern era. Gal's volume, anchored firmly within the discipline of historical geography established by Yohanan Aharoni, fills this lacuna by providing important firsthand and previously unknown information about this area.

Gal provides not only the raw data from the field survey, but also analyzes the geography, occupancy, and history of the region, including chapters on pottery, the settlement of the tribes, and the period of the monarchy.

Product Details

Publisher: American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR)
Publication date: 1992
Bibliographic info: ix + 118 pages + 1 foldout map
Language(s): English


Cover: Paper



"Throughout, Gal demonstrates an integration of different archaeological tools and a close attention to historical geography. He finishes with a commendable attempt to integrate his results into the broader historic picture of the Lower Galilee region, especially though not exclusively in the Iron Age."--William Schniedewind, UCLA in Religious Studies Review(Vol. 22, No. 3)
"Gal knows the region and its topography thoroughly from numerous on-site is an important contribution to lower Galilean studies, indispensable reading for anyone dealing with the history and archaeology of the Lower Galilee."--Harold A. Liebowitz, University of Texas in Journal of the American Oriental Society(117.1, 1997)
"...his multidisciplinary approach to this complicated issue is to be commended. The usefulness of the volume is enhanced by the inclusion of 26 figures and seven tables, plus a fold-out map, showing the location of the sites surveyed. Gal has made a valuable contribution to our understanding of the history of the settlement of Lower Galilee, and not only during the Iron Age. Anyone interested in the ongoing discussion regarding the emergence of 'Israel' in Canaan will surely want to consult this work."--John Laughlin, Averett College in BASOR290-291
"Gal's work is important, both in respect of the ample data gathered in his fieldwork and also with regard to the discussion, which shows a sound knowledge of the literature and often opens up new vistas. Dr. Gal makes important contributions to scholarly knowledge and debate in these fields."--B.S.J. Isserlin in Palestine Exploration Quarterly

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