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New Perspectives on Household Archaeology
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New Perspectives on Household Archaeology

Edited by Bradley J. Parker and Catherine P. Foster

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Table of Contents
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The foundational tenets of household archaeology were established more than three decades ago by anthropological archaeologists seeking multiscalar approaches to the archaeological record. The study of the household as the basic unit of society and as a window to larger social, economic, and political change reflected in the everyday actions of individual people has since become integral to archaeological practice. However, the subfield today remains as diverse in theoretical underpinnings as it is in practical applications.

This volume—proceedings of a three-day conference held at the University of Utah—revisits conceptualizations of the household in both past and present societies, evaluates the current place of household archaeology within the wider field of anthropological and archaeological research, and presents the newest technical advances implementing a household archaeological framework. New Perspectives on Household Archaeology exhibits the breadth and depth of studies in household archaeology currently being undertaken, including studies on household time cycles in Early Bronze Age Cyprus, the socio-technical aspects of barley cultivation in Neolithic Jordan, and urban neighborhoods in the early Indus Valley tradition. More than simply reflecting the “state of the field,” this volume highlights the significant contributions Near Eastern archaeologists and their eastern Mediterranean colleagues are making to advance the study of ancient households and to apply this information to larger questions of sociocultural importance.

Errata: Two pages have been corrected since the book was printed. One can download corrected versions of these pages here. (PDF, 2 MB)

Product Details

Publisher: Eisenbrauns
Publication date: 2012
Bibliographic info: xii + 572 pages
Language(s): English


Cover: Cloth
Trim Size: 7 x 10 inches



The twenty papers of this volume give an excellent overview of the state-of-the-art research that is currently being undertaken in household archaeology in the Near East, specifically in Southwest Asia, with two additional papers on household studies in Greece and India. They all reflect in an exemplary fashion the theoretical and methodological advances that have been developed over the last thirty years. . . . The book under review presents a broad range of theoretical aspects, new methodological advances and important sites for the study of household archaeology, and will thus be a major and up-to-date reference volume for future generations of household archaeologists as well as students and scholars engaging in this new subfield of archaeology. — Miriam Müller, Journal of Near Eastern Studies 73.1 (2014)

The range of this volume is extensive nd indeed is its strength. . . . New Perspectives on Household Archaeology is a much needed addition to the study of the household. Colleges and universities with programs in anthropology, archaeology, sociology, and ancient history would do well to include this volume in their libraries. Scholars and students wanting to engage in the past on a more micro, or daily, level would do well to include this into their research as well. . . -- Cynthia Schafer-Elliot, in Cambridge Archaeological Journal 2013

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