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Phonologies of Asia and Africa

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Phonologies of Asia and Africa

Edited by Alan S. Kaye

2 volumes


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Table of Contents


This large, 2-volume work presents more than 50 authoritative articles by leading specialists on a wide variety of ancient, medieval, and modern languages and dialects of the greater Near East and Africa, from a variety of language families. The articles are concise descriptive narratives presenting the basics of the phonology of the languages and dialects, with an emphasis on the phonological processes operative in them. A major goal of the work is a definite statement on the language and/or dialect in question with regard to genetics, typology, and/or universal elements. Of interest to general linguists as well as those specializing in Afro-Asiatic languages.

Product Details

Publisher: Eisenbrauns
Publication date: 1997
Bibliographic info: xxxiii + 1041 pages
Language(s): English


Cover: Cloth
Trim Size: 6 x 9



"In these two volumes, the reader will find a remarkable collection of studies of the phonological systems of the major languages of Asia and Africa. The volumes will serve as a handy resource tool for students and specialists in a multitude of different fields for which the various languages treated here provide the original sources. The editor is to be heartily congratulated for the idea and for showing the stamina necessary to bring the project to conclusions."--Dennis Pardee, University of Chicago in Journal of Near Eastern Studies(Vol. 59, No. 3)

"The compilation is a mine of information whose ore can be endlessly reprocessed according to the reader's needs or interests."--Harold Paddock, Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canadian Journal of Linguistics44/1 (1999)

" serves as an excellent guide to many phonologies, often with newly researched data. A.S. Kaye is to be thanked for bringing together the work of scholars in disparate language families and linguistic methodologies, thus facilitating comparisons that would not otherwise be possible."--Joshua Fox, Aderet, Israel in Journal of American Oriental Society(119.3., 1999)

"The quality and interest of the diverse studies are exceptional and make this book an indispensable tool for phonologists and linguists in general...the editorial work is excellent. One of the most valuable parts of the book is the summary of Arabic phonology. The editor and contributors are to be praised and thanked for such a fine work. In essence, linguistics is not just about language, but mostly about languages, and this exceptional book should remind some linguists of this fact."--Gonzalo Rubio, The Johns Hopkins University in Language(Vol. 75, No. 1, 1999)

"...the very high quality of so many chapters...the book serves its purpose well, introducing the student and linguist from outside the respective languages to their main phonological characteristics."--Jonathan Owens in Bulletin of School of Oriental and African Studies(1999)

"...authors focus on thorny points of analysis and therby enhance the volume's usefulness as a pedagogical tool....the volume provides a wealth of information on Afro-Asiatic languages and a good sample of the problems encountered in phonological analysis."--Michael Kenstowicz, MIT in Anthropological Linguistics(1999)

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