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American Center of Oriental Research - Amman

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Petra Papyri 2

The Petra Papyri, Volume 4

Petra Papyri 2 Edited by Ludwig Koenen, et al.

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This volume contains the edition of a single document, P. Petra 17,
concerned with a division of property amongst three brothers and
encompassing buildings, vineyards, and grainfields in the village of
Serila, in an area called Ogbana, and in the city of Petra. The
document bears the name Papyrus Petra Khaled and Suha Shoman.

It is a large format (33 x 25 cm), cloth-bound volume with 236 pages
including 14 plates. One more volume is in preparation, and the
complete five-volume series will provide full coverage of the
carbonize . . . (more)

The Petra Papyri, Volume 4
Edited by Antti Arjava, et al.

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This volume is dedicated to the memory of Traianos Gagos and presents 13 documents, including the Settlement of a Dispute by Arbitration known as Papyrus Petra H. M. King Hussein bin Talal and H. M. Queen Noor al-Hussein.

This large-format (33 × 25 cm), cloth-bound volume has 212 pages and 74 plates. Two more volumes are in preparation, and the complete series will provide detailed information on many of the sixth-century carbonized papyri found in December 1993 during excavations undertaken by ACOR at the Petra Church.

Megalithic Jordan

The Petra Papyri, Volume 3

Megalithic Jordan by Gajus Scheltema

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Whereas dozens, if not hundreds, of books have been written on the subject of megalithic monuments in Western Europe, very little attention has been given to this phenomenon in the Levant. In fact, nineteenth-century travelers seem to have had a better eye for them than today's tourists and sometimes better even than modern archaeologists.

The book is divided into two parts, a general introduction and a field guide. The first part is necessary for anyone who wants to get acquainted with the subject and is, by and large, divided i . . . (more)

The Petra Papyri, Volume 3
by Antti Arjava
Edited by Matias Buchholz and Traianos Gagos

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Volume III of the Petra papyri includes 19 new documents, numbered P. Petra III 18-36, ranging chronologically from AD539 to AD593. The volume's publication precedes P. Petra II, which includes only one large document (P. Petra II 17) and which will follow volume III as soon as possible. Volume III opens with an introduction that includes discussions of the physical format and notarial conventions in the Petra papyri, the calendars used in the Petra papyri, and updated chronological and prosopographical tables. All the texts are documenta . . . (more)

Arabic for Archaeologists
The Petra Church
The Petra Papyri, Volume 1

Arabic for Archaeologists

by Robert Schick

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This pamphlet provides a very basic grammar and vocabulary list geared specifically for archaeologists working in Arabic-speaking areas.

The Petra Church

by Zbigniew T. Fiema, et al.

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This volume is a report on the church excavated by ACOR in Petra. The volume contains reports on all aspects of a project that excavated what was probably the cathedral of Petra, a building lavishly decorated with mosaics and marble.

The Petra Papyri, Volume 1

Edited by J. Frosen, Antti Arjava, and M. Lehtinen

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This first volume on the 6th-century A.D. carbonized Petra papyri begins with the historical and archaeological context of the papyri, their conservation, an introduction to the chronological systems of their era, and a description of the family of Theodoros, son of Obodianos. All the texts are documentary and were written in Byzantine Greek. The volume includes eleven main documents and five minor documents, each with an introduction, Greek transcript with critical apparatus, English translation, and commentary.