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The Silly Side of Eisenbrauns

We're not entirely serious. No one should be.

ANE Valentines Contest

See what happens when eros and erudition collide.

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April Fool's Day Pranks

The vast majority of our April 1st editions are "published" by Winged Bull Press (Motto: "Look out below!"). You can browse all available titles from Winged Bull Press that we've come out with over the years.

A few years, we've also included other articles, downloads, and other goodies, as noted below:

2007 There were three main reactions to this one: 1) People telling us that the notice on alternative payments wasn't funny, 2) People telling us that the Ossuary kit was funny (and an apt commentary on recent events) and 3) People lamenting that the Obadiah book wasn't real. Special thanks to Bob Whiting for helping us turn our drop down menus into cuneiform.

2009 In addition to our usual antics, we collaborated with the enormously talented and equally weird Norm Sherman of the Drabblecast to produce the Babylon Battle of the Bands, and our cylinder seal USB drive drew petitions to make this a real product.

2010 Baroque cuneiform fonts, anyone?

2011 How about ancient near eastern crochet patterns, along with a moving piece on a professor's tribute album, and a band's Festschrift?

2013 Submit ideas

The Great Twinkie Experiment

We risk it all to bust a myth. Check on our progress throughout this five-year experiment.