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First Compendious Near Eastern Grammar, Vol. 2: The Unknown Languages
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First Compendious Near Eastern Grammar, Vol. 2: The Unknown Languages

by H.J. Shem
Edited by A.P. Ril

Supplements to First Compendious Near Eastern Grammar

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Building on the phenomenal success of the first supplemental volume, this followup volume is a must have!

Scholars of the languages of the ancient Near East have always had to contend with fragmentary evidence, but thanks to the First Compendious Near Eastern Grammar, Vol. 1, that extant evidence has been exhaustively examined. Now Eisenbrauns is proud to issue the companion volume on the unknown languages of the ancient Near East. This book covers the orthography, phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and even discourse strategies of the innumerable lost, unknown, and yet to be discovered languages from the ancient Near East. This volume will fill an important void in the typological data of Afro-asiatic and other language phyla of the area.

The CD-ROM also contains Real Life® reconstructions of the scripts, inscriptions, and writing materials of the unknown languages.

Now the archaeologists and epigraphers will know what it is that they have discovered! No more guessing and hypothesizing. Every unknown language is included!

Product Details

Publisher: Winged Bull Press
Publication date: 2007
Bibliographic info: 300 pages + CD-ROM
Language(s): English


Cover: Cloth



"This second supplemental volume will definitely fill a huge gap in our knowledge!." I. Was Fool, EdD in RNL, Review of No Literature, April, 2007

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