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Winged Bull Compost Bin
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Winged Bull Compost Bin


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Fertile minds generate lots of paper. Winged Bull Press has the solution. The great minds at Winged Bull Press have always felt that the Green Press Initiative is a great start, but didn't go far enough. This past year, after numerous market tests and much research, they are proud to announce the solution to messy desks, overflowing inboxes, and the general paper clutter that is so abundant in the academic setting.

Introducing the Winged Bull Compost Bin.

Now available in three models:
BS for "Baby stuff," looks like a copy paper box. Easily fits under a dorm room bunk bed; no handle required, just flip it over every few days. Makes great compost out of those syllabuses you always seem to get each semester.

MS for the graduate student; it handles those monographs you have to accept but will never read, the reading lists for your comprehensive exams, undergraduate exams, all those other things a busy TA and graduate student never has time to look at. Looking suspiciously like an inbox, your students will never know they are actually improving your plants, not just their minds. Expandable, just stack like regular inboxes. If you get over four high, though we recommend the granddaddy of them all:

The PhD, for really piling on the compost. This model will handle the offprints, book reviews, requests for recommendations, committee meeting reports, faculty notes, press releases, etc., that you never seem to have room for. This model looks just like a 2 drawer filing cabinet, complete with handle for turning — just remember to turn the label on the drawers over when you turn it. This model will turn out great compost in less than a semester, so you will always have room for the next semester's onslaught of new... ideas, yeah, that's what they are...

Winged Bull Press: Fertile Ideas from the Fertile Crescent

Product Details

Publisher: Winged Bull Press
Publication date: 2010




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