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Encyclopaedia Iranica

How to Order

Click on the links to view the any particular item or listing; once there, press the "add to cart" button to select it for purchase. Once you have added the items you want to your cart, press "view cart " or "check out" to complete the purchase process.

How to Subscribe

If you'd like to automatically receive volumes or fascicles as they are produced, you are welcome to set up a subscription or standing order. Fill out one of these forms, and a customer service representative from Eisenbrauns will contact you to finalize your order:

  • Volumes as they become available
  • Fascicles as they become available (including prelims and covers)

Complete Set to Date

Encyclopaedia Iranica Complete Set — Volumes 1-15 $4200.00

Please note that the Encyclopaedia Iranica sells below its real production costs and for much less than comparable specialized encyclopaedias on account of its being heavily subsidized by grants and contributions.

Individual Bound Volumes

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 01 — Ab-Ad-al-Anahid $340.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 02 — Anamaka-Atar al-Wozar a $340.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 03 — Atas-Bay-haqi, Zahir-al-Din $340.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 04 — Bayju-Carpets $340.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 05 — Carpets-Coffee $340.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 06 — Coffeehouse-Dara $250.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 07 — Dara(B)-Ebn al-Atir $250.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 08 — Ebn Ayyas-E Tezad-Al-Saltana $250.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 09 — Ehte-Fish $250.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 10 — Fisheries - Gindaros $250.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 11 — Gioni - Harem I $250.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 12 — Harem I - Illuminationism $250.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 13 — Illuminationism - Isfahan VIII $250.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 14 — Isfahan IX Jobbāʾi $250.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 15 — Joči–Kāšḡari, Saʿd-al-Dini $250.00

Encyclopaedia Iranica, Volume 16 — currently in production

Encyclopaedia Iranica Fascicles, Covers, and Prelims

Cover, fascicles, and preliminary matterSince the Encyclopaedia Iranica is a continuing work-in-progress, it is possible to purchase individual sections of each volume as they are released. These are called fascicles. (In Persian, jozveh.)

These are primarily of interest to libraries and individuals who wish to have as much of the Encyclopaedia as possible at any time without waiting for complete volumes to be finished.

Each fascicle is paper-bound and usually contains 112 pages. Volumes 1-5 have eight fascicles, and all following volumes have six.

Each fascicle is numbered with the volume and part number. For example, to build volume 12, you would need fascicles 12/1, 12/2, 12/3, 12/4, 12/5, and 12/6.

To build a complete volume, you will also need the preliminary matters for each volume (these include publishing information, indices, addenda, corrigenda, and other material meant to accompany the volume) as well as the covers to bind them all together into a hardback book.

There is no significant price advantage to buying the individual components and piecing them together — it is primarily for those who wish to build their collection as it is published. If a bound volume is available, we suggest that you purchase that, instead.

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