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Other Goodies

Enuma Elish Cuneiform T-shirt (Choose a size): SMLXLXXL

Don't want a black t-shirt? Custom Eisenbrauns T-Shirts (and other goodies) at CaféPress (will open a new window)

Eisenbrauns 40th Anniversary Mug (click to view)

Eisenbrauns 2014 Nestor's Cup (click to view)

Eisenbrauns 2012 Hittite Double Eagle Mug (click to view)

Eisenbrauns 2010 Drinking Party of 'Ilu Stein (click to view)

Eisenbrauns 2008 Gezer Calendar mug Back in print! (click to view)

Eisenbrauns 2006 Enuma Elish cuneiform mug Back in print! (click to view)

Eisenbrauns Brass Bookmark (click to view)

Gift Certificates

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Gift Certificate Instructions:

  • Add one or more gift certificates to your shopping cart. Unless otherwise specified, we will send a single certificate for the entire amount. For example, one $50 and one $100 certificate would result in a gift certificate for $150.
  • Check out as usual.
  • If you would like us to send the certificate directly to the recipient, please put his/her name and address in the "ship to" field, and add any special message (e.g., "From Mom and Dad") in the "purchase order" field.
  • If you prefer to present the certificate yourself, put your own name and address in the "ship to" field. We will send you a blank certificate for you to fill in yourself.
  • The check out process will show that you are being charged freight, but you will not be charged, freight will be free.
  • Special requests or instructions may be e-mailed to our credit department.