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Our Philosophy

Eisenbrauns is first and foremost a service company. Our product, even when a tangible item such as a book or a typeset page, is still service, and we aim to provide our customers with the highest quality possible. Our uniqueness is derived from our field of specialization and our expertise: we sell books to the academic market in biblical and ancient Near Eastern studies, we publish short-run academic books in the same areas, and we typeset with precision and care for academic publishers. Over the years, we have developed a growing core of loyal customers who are accustomed to receiving competent, professional, personal attention in their contacts with the company.

     On a higher level, we want to make a significant contribution to the furtherance of knowledge in our world, believing that understanding history, language, and culture is an integral part of our self-understanding and our ability to make decisions well in the present. Knowing more about the origins of Western culture and our heritage in the fertile crescent has a very important bearing on our understanding of our own world. We are, as it were, making "widgets"; but we are doing more than that, because our "widgets" are more than just another product that makes life easier or more pleasant, as good as these purposes may be. We are in the business of disseminating ideas—ideas that help to shape our world and the worlds of others. They matter far longer than the "widget" that does not last. This is the company's relationship to our world.