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Assembled here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you do not see the information you're looking for here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where's my order?

Want to be able to track your orders and shipments online? So would we. Unfortunately, this is not available on the website until we complete a major, costly upgrade to our systems. In the meantime, one can contact customer service with these questions.

Please note that an out-of-stock book takes 2-4 weeks to obtain if it is from a domestic distributor, and may take 1-3 months to obtain if it is from an international distributor.

Publishing delays may also explain why your order is taking longer than you had hoped; books that are not yet printed at the time of your order cannot be shipped in a timely fashion. (See also, Why was a certain book advertised last year, but it's still not available?)

Mid-November through Mid-January is our busiest time of the year, due to the AAR/SBL conference, increased orders from college/university libraries, and the holidays. We appreciate your patience during these months. If you have an order that is time-sensitive we recommend that you indicate that on your order.

When does my catalog subscription run out?

Please check the mailing label on the back of your catalog and find the number below your customer number. If it has "05" your subscription will run out at the end of 2005. If you have purchased $150 or more in the past year, your subscription will automatically be updated for the next year.

How quickly will my books arrive?

We ship most in stock orders within 24 hours of receiving the order. Orders in the US will be sent either USPS or UPS (depending on size) and will take 5-10 days to arrive. Orders sent outside the US will be sent via express international delivery and will take 2-4 weeks to arrive, depending on your location. As with all shipping methods, once the package leaves our warehouse, delays can occur that are beyond our control. The estimated time of arrival is just that—an estimate.

Can I have my books sent to a different address?

Absolutely! Many of our customers have their catalogs and billing information sent to a certain address, and their books sent to a different address. Please provide that information with your order.

What are your shipping charges?

Orders under $99.00 will be charged $4.95 for the first book and $2.00 for each additional book ordered. Orders that request premium shipping, such as UPS, will incur an additional $8.00 charge per shipment.  Retail orders that are
   a) over $99
   b) sent to U.S. destinations, AND
   c) are submitted on our website will be shipped free.
UPS and USPS 1st-Class upgrades will incur the $8.00 upgrade fee.

Retail customers in Canada will be charged $9.00 for the first book and $7.00 for each additional book.

All other retail customers outside the U.S. will be charged $12.00 for the first book and $10.00 for each additional book.

In most cases, our online shipping calculator provides an accurate estimate of your shipping charges.  In the case of multiple UPS shipments, multi-volume sets, oversized volumes, or international wholesale orders, charges on your final invoice may be higher than the online estimate.  For example, delivery charges for multi-volume sets are calculated by the number of volumes in the set. Also, retail customers will be charged actual shipping and handling on heavy items, such as "The Aleppo Codex" or "Encyclopedia Judaica."

Wholesale customers will be charged actual shipping and handling on all books ordered.

Orders requiring special handling (such as requiring packaging in small units; other special-handling requests) may incur additional charges.

What is Eisenbrauns' pricing policy?

Eisenbrauns sells books at competitive prices. However, publisher price increases and fluctuations in foreign exchange rates occur regularly, and these factors require that prices be subject to change without notice. Because up-to-the-moment prices can easily be confirmed on our website, we recommend that you check prices before placing an order. Prices of out-of-stock products are subject to change.

Prices on the website are guaranteed and honored at the time of purchase. Certain special sales offers may be limited by monthly deadlines or available stock, in which case, orders must be placed before the deadline or before stock run-out in order to receive special sale prices. Our price guarantee does not apply in the case of typographical errors. If we are unable to honor a price due to a radical price change from the publisher, we will notify you before shipping.

What's that funny bird symbol, anyway?

A real ibexOur logo is a picture of an ibex—a mountain goat, essentially. Ibexes are distinguished by their long, backwards-curving horns and are found in the Ancient Near East, a subject area that is an Eisenbrauns specialty. Of course, ours is a bit stylized.

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express cards.

Do you hold orders until they're complete?

On occasion we will hold an order for a book that we know is scheduled to arrive in a day or two, but for the most part the books will be sent out as they become available. If you would prefer that we hold them until they are complete we would be happy to do so.

What is a backorder? Will I be charged more?

A backorder means that we will order more of this item and ship it to you as soon as we can get it.

A backorder won't increase your shipping cost, even though there may be multiple shipments.

Backordered books are not charged to your credit card until time of shipment. We do not charge your card in advance of shipment.

Our normal policy is to backorder automatically all items not in stock at the time of your order. If you do not want a given item backordered, please indicate this on your order. If you must have an item by a certain date, please specify that date after the title.

Why was a certain book advertised last year, but it's still not available?

Some new books encounter publication delays during the editorial process and releases can be postponed for several months and sometimes longer. The translation process, international coordination of multi-authored works, complicated layout problems, and other editorial difficulties slow the production of many new academic books. As frustrating as this may be, such delays are generally in the best interest of the buyer -- providing a more accurate and error-free publication.

Eisenbrauns accepts pre-orders for new books and updates the status information on delayed publications as we receive it. These services assist customers who want to be sure they receive a new publication and who occasionally want to check on its status.

Do you have an overseas distributor for your publications?

Eisenbrauns has a worldwide shipping service that delivers to most European countries and the Pacific Rim in 1–2 weeks and within 2–4 weeks to other locations. We also have a distribution relationship with Ugarit-Verlag in Münster, Germany: Ugarit-Verlag stocks all recent Eisenbrauns titles and a substantial portion of our back-list. If you want your order shipped to the European Continent, you may find it more convenient to order from

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes we do. You can order them online or, if you prefer, send an e-mail to our customer service department letting us know the amount, shipping address, and how you wish to pay.

What currencies do you accept?

Payment in United States funds is required, except for European customers, who may pay in Euros. Euro payments should be sent to our German bank (address below). Please include your order or invoice copy with your payment, indicating how the funds are to be applied.

Euro payment:

Intermediary Bank:

UBS AG, Frankfurt

Intermediary Bank Swift Code:


Beneficiary Bank:


Beneficiary Bank Swift Code:



EverBank World Markets

Beneficiary Account:

IBAN CH120023023005766572B

Further Credit to: Eisenbrauns,  Account # 5300521001


Can I return an item?

If a book has arrived damaged, defective, or with an invoicing error, please contact us within 30 days of the invoice date (within the U.S.) or 90 days (outside the U.S.). If you wish to return a book for any other reason, there is no need to contact us. Just complete the instructions on the back of the invoice. Discretionary returns must be postmarked within 90 days of the invoice date. Please note that items must arrive in saleable condition. We can not guarantee credit for unsaleable items. We can not accept returns on: used books, clearance items, or opened software.

What are your payment terms?

Prepayment is required. Please provide MasterCard, VISA, Discover, or American Express information. If you are enclosing a check or money order with your order, please include payment for postage and handling.