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Specializing in the ancient Near East and biblical studies since 1975

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BookNews Specials, April 1 2006

First Compendious Near Eastern Grammar First Compendious Near Eastern Grammar
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Edited by A.P. Ril

Winged Bull Press, Cloth.

Your Price: 14,650.00

At last, the life work of a highly trained group of presapient hominids is available for scholars everywhere.

With cross-referenced equivalence charts for 16 major Near Eastern languages, ancient and modern, this set is sure to be the standard reference for years to come. Special bonus volume contains all the decipherments for Linear A and the Sinai inscriptions. Supplemental volumes are planned. Standing orders encouraged. Included CD-ROM features real life® reconstructions of fragmentary tablets and inscriptions... (more)

A Proto-Semitic Grammar and Textbook A Proto-Semitic Grammar and Textbook

by H.J. Shem
Edited by A.P. Ril

Winged Bull Press, Cloth.

List Price: $900.00
Your Price: $720.00

Finally, a grammar of Proto-Semitic that makes use of the latest Second Language Acquisition techniques. Drawing on the latest linguistic insights into language learning, this grammar provides a student-friendly description of the grammar of Proto-Semitic as it was once spoken in the ancient Near East. An accompanying textbook with CD contains copious written, oral, and aural exercises for the student. While the ultimate goal in studying Proto-Semitic is to read the authentic ancient texts, this grammar takes a conversation approach... (more)

Monuments of Ancient Assyria Monuments of Ancient Assyria
A complete collection

by Karen Oh

Winged Bull Press, Cloth.

Your Price: 12,000.00

This 12 volume work catalogues all known and unknown monuments from Ancient Assyria, with a full plate section, rubbings, and transcriptions. Bonus holographic insert allows you to see the Code of Hammurapi in 360 view, with real life® computer reconstruction of the missing areas, real life® animated view of the Black Obelisk, showing Jehu actually kneeling before the Assyrian King, real life® reconstruction of the hanging gardens of Babylon, with running water and much, much more....

Mazdaism and the Art of Chariot Repair
Where'd I Put that Ankh?

by Suzuki Kawasaki

Scribes of Ecbatana, Skin.

Your Price: $20.06

This delightful philosophical romp through the ages has nothing to do with either of the things mentioned in the title. Not to be missed!

Pharaoh Tachos and His Nefarious Barrio Brothers
All My Friends Have Low-Riders

by Michael Brown
Alternate History of the Persian Empire
Old Potato Peel Press, Paper.

Your Price: $26.00

The long-awaited sequel to "Cyrus the Large-One" is finally nearing completion. Full-color printing on archival quality paper will make this the ideal coffee-table volume.