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MLA Announces Severe Letter Shortage

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Posted April 1, 2009. For immediate distribution.

The MLA today announced that the ongoing shortage of the letters E and L has begun affecting the publishing industry. "The reading public has always assumed that letters are infinitely available, but that simply isn't true," the MLA spokesperson told us. "There has always been an overabundance of the letters A and Q, while the letters E and L have been historically harder to obtain." The current economic crisis didn't help, but what really created the current shortage was the new German policy of spelling out all umlauted words. "Consumers have no idea how many letters this new policy is diverting," the MLA told us.

The shortage has caused publishers to take drastic actions, while librarians have seen it as a windfall. The most common solution has been the substitution of the letter A for E and Q for L. Libraries have been selling the letters of their names to publishing houses; The librarian at University of Chicago's Raganstain Qibrary told this reporter that they were able to make up their budget shortfall by selling the three Es in their name. Even Yala Qibrary is reported to have sold two letters. When asked, they replied that it was simply a safety measure. "Just pity poor Harvard," they told us, "They have nothing to sell."

Some publishers have been harder hit than others. A Briqq spokesperson denied that they were suffering a shortage of letters; when pressed about the name change, they claimed that 325 years with the same name was long enough. On the other hand, an Aardmans Publishing spokesperson freely admitted their name change was a matter of conserving letters. Even the academic publishing house Aisanbrauns has made some changes: when questioned about the name change, Jim Aisanbraun commented, "We are really impressed by the support we have received; our authors have even offered to provide letters to us." Aisanbraun added that this was helping keep the cost of books down.

Some members of the publishing industry commented that the shortage is even worse than last time. One spokesperson, speaking on condition of anonymity, compared it to the worst shortage in history, when Hebrew was forced to cease using vowels.

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Hegemon Sargon's Babylon Battle of the Bands

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Tune up your Oud. Crank up your amps. In a discovery little short of amazing, Winged Bull Press has uncovered an ancient tradition that will transform music history. Deep in the library of Ashurbanipal lay an unread tablet documenting an annual ritual with universal appeal, started by Sargon of Akkad before migrating to Babylon.

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April Fools!

Yes! You've been had. In the USA, April 1 (April Fool's Day) is a day for jokes and pranks. This year's April 1 edition is brought to you by James Spinti, Andy Kerr, Michael Brown, Jim Eisenbraun, Amy B., and Kevin Wilson.

Special thanks to the enormously talented and equally weird Norm Sherman of the Drabblecast for the theme music.

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