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News Updated 04/01/2007

Eisenbrauns Announces Alternative Payment Plans

In the interest of making it easier for their valued customers to obtain the books they need, Eisenbrauns has announced that effective immediately they will begin accepting gold bullion as payment. "It only makes sense, given the international scope of our business, that we should be flexible in our payment plans," noted Marketing director James Spinti. Marti Dahlquist, customer service manager, adds: "Some of our customers don't have access to credit cards, others are fearful of identity theft. Accepting gold bullion allows us to serve them better." Other alternative payment plans have been discussed, such as crude oil, an efficient method of transport has yet to be acquired. Spinti also opined that if this venture proved successful that payments in coffee might be added next.

New titles from Winged Bull Press

 - DIY Ossuary Kit

DIY Ossuary Kit
List Price: $950.00
Your Price: $883.50

Get in on the action! Building your own ossuary is the easy way to fame and fortune!

Kit includes book of Bible names, measured plans, hammer, chisels, and 1 large block of genuine Indiana limestone, rough-shaped and ready for your inscriptions. Specify color when ordering. Standard size is 22 x 14 x 12"; custom sizing is available.

Bones not included. We suggest contacting your local teaching hospital for legally-obtained, gently-used cadavers.

N.B.: Due to the weight of this item, extra shipping charges will apply. Indiana limestone weighs approximately 1 pound per cubic inch.

by H.J. Shem<BR>Edited by A.P. Ril - First Compendious Near Eastern Grammar, Vol. 2: The Unknown Languages

First Compendious Near Eastern Grammar, Vol. 2: The Unknown Languages
List Price: $900.00
Your Price: $720.00

Building on the phenomenal success of the first supplemental volume, this followup volume is a must have!

Scholars of the languages of the ancient Near East have always had to contend with fragmentary evidence, but thanks to the First Compendious Near Eastern Grammar, Vol. 1, that extant evidence has been exhaustively examined. Now Eisenbrauns is proud to issue the companion volume on the unknown languages of the ancient Near East. This book covers the orthography, phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and even discourse... (more)

by A.N. Onymous - Obadiah verse 1

Obadiah verse 1 
List Price: $75.00
Your Price: $63.75

For too long biblical scholars have poured all their attention into the major books of the Bible. We feel it is time to pay more attention to the shorter books of the biblical corpus. To further this end, we are introducing a major new commentary series, Major Studies on Minor Biblical Books. The introductory volume, available now, is the biblical book of Obadiah, verse 1. This 500 page volume, lavishly illustrated with extensive charts and full color plates, concentrates on the overlooked importance of verse 1 in the canonical process and its implications for the entire... (more)

April Fools!

Yes! You've been had. In the USA, April 1 (April Fool's Day) is a day for jokes and pranks. This year's April 1 edition of the Eisenbrauns homepage is brought to you by James Spinti, Andy Kerr, and John Cook. We'd also like to thank Bob Whiting of the Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, who very kindly translated our website menu and provided the cuneiform text.

If you don't read cuneiform, you can access the regular version of our homepage by clicking here. Or, if you'd like to try navigating in cuneiform anyway, you can download a cheat sheet by clicking here (PDF, 20k).

April 2007 Web Sale

Selected Egyptology titles at 20-40% off

For the entire month of April, Eisenbrauns will be offering selected titles on Egyptology from various publishers for savings of 20-40% off retail price. See the full list.

Browse Books from Israel Exploration Society

Yad Ben-Zvi Press

A publisher focus

Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi is a non-profit scholarly organization for the research and diffusion of knowledge in two fields: the history of Eretz-Israel (Palestine) and Israel from earliest times to the present, and the history and cultural heritage of the Oriental and Sephardic Jewish communities.

Browse featured titles from Yad Ben-Zvi Press

Browse all available titles from Yad Ben-Zvi Press

Eisenbrauns is the official North American distributor of these books for individuals, libraries, and booksellers.

Scuff-and-Ding Books

While Eisenbrauns no longer deals in used books, we do occasionally receive slightly damaged copies, which we offer for a nice discount. Click here to see some of our featured scuff-and-ding books.

Scuff-and-ding books will also appear in your searches alongside new titles, marked as "used." You can also download text (.txt) and spreadsheet (.xls) listings of our available scuff-and-ding titles.

Please note: Scuff-and-ding books are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If two people order the same item before the stock status can be updated, we will sell it to the first person who ordered. Orders are processed and stock status is updated M-F, 8-5 EST.

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