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New and Notworthy
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New titles from Winged Bull Press

by H.J. Shem<BR>Edited by A.P. Ril - Create Your Own Noah's Ark Fossils

Uranium Codices Unmasked!
How the Lead Codices Were Actually Used

Here all the time you thought the lead codices were forged. In this ground-breaking study, Rad I. O'Aktive reveals that the lead codices were simply covers to protect the Uranium Codices. The etchings on the lead codices were caused by the long-term exposure of the lead to the Uranium Codices hidden within. Professor O'Aktive has carefully worked with a team of specialists to decode these Uranium Codices; Winged Bull Press is pleased to make his findings available to the world.

 - A God Too Close

A God Too Close
An Introduction to Prophetic Literature

Too many introductions to the prophetic literature try to tame it down and make it manageable. Not this one! Be prepared to be awestruck! This introduction to the prophetic literature focuses on the encounters between the prophets and the divine. You won't escape unscathed.

Eisenbrauns Partners with Winged Bull Press to Offer Same-Day Airmail Service
Posted April 1, 2017

Ibex Air Logo

Eisenbrauns announced today that it is partnering with Winged Bull Press to offer the publishing industry's first true same-day air mail service.

Dubbed IBEX AIR, after the Eisenbrauns mascot, the service offers an ideal that other book suppliers have only hinted at. "We've scooped Amazon at their own game," says Winged Bull President, James "Prop Spinner" Spinti, "They have these pipe dreams involving airships and drones, but the FAA won't let them do that. We're using real airplanes, and we can do this all day long." We joined the ribbon cutting at Warsaw Municipal Airport, just three miles north of Eisenbrauns' Winona Lake offices.The airport serves as a temporary base of operations until docks can be constructed at Winona Lake, which is visible just down the road from Eisenbrauns.

We caught up with Eisenbrauns pilot Andy Kerr as he was working through preflight checklists for the first delivery. "We're solving two of the major problems with airmail delivery," says Kerr, as he loads boxes into the Cessna 172's cargo door. "The problem with overnight service is that you get your books the next day. The problem with air mail is that so much of it happens on the ground. We're cutting out the middleman, and delivering direct."

loading cargo

Encyclopaedia Iranica

The secret, it turns out, is not to land. "When you place your order, you pick out your house or apartment on Google maps. We take the GPS data, and deliver to your doorstep—or as close as we can—from 3,000 feet." For customers who are concerned about the packages straying off course in windy conditions, Kerr motions to a pallet of concrete blocks, and points out that additional ballast can be added to any order for a nominal fee. "They fall quite predictably with those attached."

With a $200 minimum delivery charge, the pricing is a surprisingly fair $5 per mile—an excellent deal when you take into account that the fee will likely cover your entire order. Whether it's 5 pounds or 500 pounds, if it will slide out the cargo door, it's all the same price. No one else offers same day delivery like this!

Eisenbrauns is delighted to partner with Winged Bull on this new venture. "This finally puts the 'wings' in Winged Bull!" exclaimed Spinti.

—and a lot of the bull, as well.

Click here to set up your delivery.

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Browse Monthly Sale Books

April 48 BCE Web Sale: 90% off all Library of Alexandria Titles

Fire sale prices on all your favorite scrolls! Or what's left of them, anyway. Get them while they're hot!

10-Day Sale: Academic ANE Pop-Up Books!

Move over adult coloring books! Winged Bull Press is pleased to announce a new line of pop-up books for ancient languages and history!

Winged Bull Press prides itself on being on the forefront of new trends in the industry. Last year the trend was adult coloring books; we’re convinced the new trend will be pop-up books. Soon to be available for pre-order:

  • The Akkadian Verb and Its Semitic Background (Pop-up edition)
    Having a hard time following the argument of the book? Just imagine how a pop-up of all those charts and intermediate forms would help!
  • From Cyrus to Alexander: A History of the Persian Empire (Pop-up edition)
    You’ve got to see this to believe it!
  • Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax (Pop-up edition)
    This pop-up book is sure to become the standard go-to reference, surpassing even the original in popularity! Be the first to get it!
  • A Grammar of the Hittite Language, 1: Reference Grammar (Pop-up edition)
    The ultimate in pop-up books! It makes learning and referencing Hittite a snap!

Eisenbrauns Deal of the Day Off

Yeah, yeah, you're looking for a deal. Can't you see I'm tryin' to take a nap? Go, on, scram, kid. Here's five bucks, go check out the Deal of the Day. Just let me sleep, OK?

Used Book Clearance Sale

Professor Rad I. O’Aktive sold us some of his reference works used while working on the Uranium Codices. We’re offering them for a limited time at 50% off! Added bonus: They glow in the dark, so you won’t need a reading light! (disclaimer: keep these books away from pregnant and nursing mothers, and small children; avoid prolonged exposure)

Spine flipper Service

We’ve all got it; it’s endemic to the field.  And it doesn’t matter which side of the Atlantic you live on.

Look at those shelves, all those books neatly organized by topic. And a full quarter or more of them have titles going the wrong way on the spine! Oh sure, you can flip the book so the title reads the right way, but then the publisher is upside down. And the book is upside down when you go to use it.

It’s even worse when you lay the book sideways! At least when it is upright you know which end is the top of the book. When you lay it down, you’re more than likely going to open it the wrong way. It’s enough to drive a scholar to despair. Think of all the minutes of valuable research time you’ve wasted over the years.

What’s a person to do?

Winged Bull Press is proud to announce our all-new spine flipping service! You’ve carefully built your library over the years. Let us assist you in making it more esthetically pleasing and useful. For a small per book fee, we will remove the spine and reinstall it correctly.

Because of our patent-pending laser technology, there is minimal damage to the book—even paperbacks. Contact us for a quote, and be sure to specify whether you want the American or the European version. Volume discounts are available for complete libraries.

You’ve invested in your library; let Winged Bull Press help you get the maximum use out of it.

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Winged Bull Press has been lurking in the basements of museums the world over. Their most recent discovery? A series of novellas in the finest romance novel tradition. Documented provenance and reproducible results have never been obstacles to publication with WBP.

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April Fools!

Yes! You've been had. In the USA, April 1 (April Fool's Day) is a day for jokes and pranks. This year's April 1 edition is brought to you by James Spinti and Andy Kerr, with contributions by Laurie Braatem and Michael Brown.