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All Books and Software: Ancient Mesopotamia (Sumer, Babylon, Persia, Assyria): Nuzi and Hurrians - History, Archaeology, Literature

Joint Expedition with the Iraq Museum at Nuzi VII

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Joint Expedition with the Iraq Museum at Nuzi VII

Miscellaneous Texts

Edited by Ernest R. Lacheman and Maynard P. Maidman

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Table of Contents


The publication of 200 tablets excavated by the American Schools of Oriental Research and the Iraq Museum, based on preliminary copies by the late Ernest R. Lacheman and prepared for publication by Maynard P. Maidman with collations, additions, and corrections, including an annotated catalog. This volume continues the publication of Nuzi texts begun under the imprint of the American Schools of Oriental Research. Six volumes were published between 1927 and 1939; this seventh volume resumes the publication of this important corpus of ancient administrative texts.

Product Details

Publisher: Eisenbrauns
Publication date: 1989
Bibliographic info: xii + 307 pages
Language(s): English


Cover: Cloth



"The volume is an important contribution to Nuzi studies and will be of importance not only for research workers in this field but also for students of economy in the second millennium B.C."--Jana Pecirkova in Archiv Orientalni(60, 1992)

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