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September 2017 Web Sale: Up to 60% off SBTS titles

Augment your library with the highly regarded volumes in the Sources for Biblical and Theological Study series at discounts of 40% to 60% off. Great titles at even better prices during September.

Updated September 1, 2017. Books ordered from this sale are sold under these conditions.

Old Testament Theology Old Testament Theology
Flowering and Future

Edited by Ben C. Ollenburger
Sources for Biblical and Theological Study - SBTS 1
Eisenbrauns, 2004. Paper. English.
ISBN: 9781575064604

List Price: $49.95
Your Price: $29.97

In this extensively revised and updated edition of The Flowering of Old Testament Theology, Professor Ollenburger provides help for beginning theological students, who are frequently overwhelmed by the proliferation of volumes dealing with Old Testament theology, to say nothing of the variety of approaches used in these works. This textbook has been re-issued with a new title, Old Testament Theology: Flowering and Future, and is now divided into five convenient sections--Part 1: The Background, Part 2: Old Testament Theology . . . (more)

Beyond Form Criticism Beyond Form Criticism
Essays in Old Testament Literary Criticism

Edited by Paul R. House
Sources for Biblical and Theological Study - SBTS 2
Eisenbrauns, 1992. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9780931464652.

List Price: $49.95
Your Price: $19.98

Tracing the development, current state, and future of Old Testament literary criticism, this volume gathers seminal articles that demonstrate the major methods and introduce the significant figures of this approach to biblical study.

Song of Power and the Power of Song Song of Power and the Power of Song
Essays on the Book of Deuteronomy

Edited by Duane L. Christensen
Sources for Biblical and Theological Study - SBTS 3
Eisenbrauns, 1993. Paper. English.
ISBN: 9780931464744

List Price: $49.95
Your Price: $29.97

The very nature of the Book of Deuteronomy attracts the attention of all who work in the disciplines of biblical theology and historical-critical methodology. This volume collects twenty-five seminal articles (several published for the first time in English) that provide a vital introduction to the major interpretive issues surrounding Deuteronomy. This volume will serve as a primary or supplementary textbook in upper-level Deuteronomy or Pentateuch courses and will be an invaluable resource to all students and scholars working in the Book of Deuteronomy.

I Studied Inscriptions from Before the Flood I Studied Inscriptions from Before the Flood
Ancient Near Eastern, Literary, and Linguistic Approaches to Genesis 1-11

Edited by Richard S. Hess and David Toshio Tsumura
Sources for Biblical and Theological Study - SBTS 4
Eisenbrauns, 1994. Paper. English.
ISBN: 9780931464881

List Price: $49.95
Your Price: $29.97

This volume collects the best of recent research and classic essays on the Primeval History, including several articles that have not appeared heretofore in English. The articles provide students and scholars with easy access to significant scholarship illuminating both the world outside the text and the world within the text.

The Place Is Too Small for Us The Place Is Too Small for Us
The Israelite Prophets in Recent Scholarship

Edited by Robert P. Gordon
Sources for Biblical and Theological Study - SBTS 5
Eisenbrauns, 1995. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575060002

List Price: $49.95
Your Price: $24.98

These seminal essays have been carefully selected to provide a comprehensive introduction to both the major interpretive issues and the major interpreters of biblical prophetic literature. The essays discuss: The Near Eastern Background; The Message of the Prophets; The Art of Prophecy; Prophecy and Society; The Developing Tradition; Prophecy after the Prophets; and Future Directions.

Community, Identity, and Ideology Community, Identity, and Ideology
Social Science Approaches to the Hebrew Bible

Edited by Charles E. Carter and Carol Meyers
Sources for Biblical and Theological Study - SBTS 6
Eisenbrauns, 1996. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575060057

List Price: $49.95
Your Price: $19.98

This collection of essays contextualizes the history and current state of the social science method in the study of the Hebrew Bible. Part 1 traces the rise of social science criticism by reprinting classic essays on the topic; Part 2 provides "case studies," examples of application of the methods to biblical studies.

Reconsidering Israel and Judah Reconsidering Israel and Judah
Recent Studies on the Deuteronomistic History

Edited by Gary N. Knoppers and J. Gordon McConville
Sources for Biblical and Theological Study - SBTS 8
Eisenbrauns, 2000. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575060378

List Price: $49.95
Your Price: $19.98

The Deuteronomic or, more properly, Deuteronomistic History is a modern theoretical construct which holds that the books of Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings constitute a single work, unified by a basic homogeneity in language, style, and content. This construct owes much to the influence of Martin Noth's classic study of the Deuteronomistic History, contained in his larger Uberlieferungsgeschichtliche Studien. According to Noth, the Deuteronomist incorporated the deuteronomic law into the beginning of his work . . . (more)

The Historical Jesus in Recent Research The Historical Jesus in Recent Research

Edited by James D. G. Dunn and Scot McKnight
Sources for Biblical and Theological Study - SBTS 10
Eisenbrauns, 2005. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575061009

List Price: $49.95
Your Price: $24.98

The past two or three decades have witnessed significant activity in research on the Jesus of the Gospels and history. In fact, there has been such a plethora of publication on such a wide variety of facets of this issue that it is difficult to keep pace with the rate of publication. In this volume, Dunn and McKnight have collected and provided introductions to a wide cross-section of essays on the topic, ranging from classic essays by the likes of Bultmann, Cadbury, and Schweitzer to the most recent investigations of Horsley, Levine, and . . . (more)