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Linguistic Studies in Phoenician
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Linguistic Studies in Phoenician

Edited by Robert D. Holmstedt and Aaron Schade

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Table of Contents
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Linguistic Studies in Phoenician: In Memory of J. Brian Peckham honors the late Professor J. Brian Peckham, a scholar who has been instrumental in furthering the cause of Phoenician studies over the past decades. His passion made him an exceptional teacher, and his research on Phoenician studies resulted in his Phoenicia: Episodes and Anecdotes from the Ancient Mediterranean, which he finished just prior to his passing in September 2008, and is now in press (Eisenbrauns).

This collection of studies dedicated to his memory is aimed at advancing our understanding of the grammatical and historical features of the Phoenician language, a favorite topic that Professor Peckham rigorously studied and taught. The first set of studies concentrates on linguistic features of Phoenician qua Phoenician. They include investigations of phonology and morphology, as well as linguistic approaches to syntax and text-level pragmatics. The second set of studies seeks to situate aspects of the Phoenician language typologically or within comparative, etymological, and historical Semitics. The result is a group of studies covering topics ranging from case endings, negation, pronominal usage, and phonology to dialectology, etymologies, and text linguistics. Given the use of Phoenician throughout the Mediterranean littoral, this volume contains something of interest for numerous areas of investigation, including comparative Semitics, Anatolian, early Mediterranean, and even Hebrew and biblical studies.

Product Details

Publisher: Eisenbrauns
Publication date: 2013
Bibliographic info: xiv + 250 pp.
Language(s): English


Cover: Cloth
Trim Size: 6 x 9 inches



All in all, the volume at hand represents a valuable contribution to Phoenician Studies and Semitics in general. It mirrors the diverse methodological approaches applied to Phoenician inscriptions today—epigraphy and philology, traditional linguistics, pragmatics and discourse analysis and even linguistic typology—, it draws attention to new interpretations for some of the better known texts (such as the Kilamuwa inscription and the Gezer Calendar) and moves the less-studied epigraphical remains (such as the Late Punic texts) into the spotlight. By doing so, this collection of articles will hopefully succeed to draw new audiences to one of the more exotic corners of Semitics. — Christian Stadel, Bibliotheca Orientalis 71.1-2 (2014)

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