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IBEX Library Plan
Coming Soon in French

Eisenbrauns announced today that IBEX
(Eisenbrauns Book Express), the company's
library acquisition plan, will soon be available
in French, rechristened "Bouc Exprès." Plans
to make deliveries using actual mountain goats
have, unfortunately, been limited to libraries
at 15,000 feet or more above sea level.

New and Notworthy from Eisenbrauns

Our editors scoured the earth looking for the latest and greatest products and titles to advance(?) the study of the ancient Near East, biblical studies, and Home Ec. We are pleased to present them here.

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New Titles from Winged Bull Press
Posted April 1, 2008

#SPOT1# Lost Graves Revealed
The Exact Location of Famous Historical Figures

Edited by Seems Wright

Winged Bull Press, Forthcoming August, 2008. Cloth. English.

List Price: $1000.00
Your Price: $900.00

During the past year an unusually large number of books and movies have appeared claiming to have found the final resting place of various biblical figures. In our on-going effort to assist scholars, Winged Bull Press has compiled the authoritative guide to who lies where.

Taking advantage of our previously published volumes, "The Unknown Languages" and "Monuments of Ancient Assyria," we have assembled all of the relevant data for over 500 famous biblical and ancient Near Eastern figures and determined the precise final resting places for each. Using this book in conjunction with our "DIY Ossuary Kit" and "First Compendious Near Eastern Grammar" is all you need to create your own documentary and become famous. And because of the grammar, you needn't be troubled by tell-tale mistakes so common to others' attempts.

Also available as a downloadable GPS program to ensure you have the correct location!

Special pricing available if we get a cut of the documentary profits.

#SPOT2# Cuneiform type elements for the IBM Selectric

by A.P. Ril

Winged Bull Press, 2008. . Akkadian, Sumerian, and Babylonian.

List Price: $600.00
Your Price: $540.00

Bring your beloved typewriter into the modern era with a complete cuneiform character set.

Available as a set of 10 (ten) 96-character elements for the Selectric III, or 21 (twenty-one) 88-character elements for the Selectric I and II. Both sets, made of precision cast pot metal, include the complete catalog of 907 Akkadian characters set as outlined in Borger's Mesopotamische Zeicehenlexikon, as well as characters to indicate lemmas, lunas, and loonies.

Individual type elements are also available at a cost of $65 each.

#SPOT3# Bite Your Tongue
A Practical Guide to Impractical Phonology

by Hatta Sayyit and Augusta Summer
Edited by Felix Languealchat

Winged Bull Press, 2008. Paper. English.

List Price: $75.00
Your Price: $67.50

PART 1: Hatta Sayyit examines archaeological phonological evidence for linguists doing field research on ancient phonology. Pottery-wheel gramophonology is examined, along with tablets recently discovered by a group of lost tourists in Egypt, including fifteen new sounds unheard in modern languages.

PART 2: Augusta Summer, of the Winter Institute of Linguistics, steps through a series of training exercises designed to bring you up to date with recent discoveries, enabling you to pronounce these new sounds correctly. This mini-course will teach you how to pronounce all the sounds you'll need, including show-stoppers like the bilabial-glottal fricative (pictured on the cover).

Other exercise include Cat Got Your Tongue, The Double-Dog-Dare Flagpole Tongue Freeze and the amazingly difficult, but equally valuable, Tongue Hold.... (more)

Nuzi and the Hurrians Nuzi and the Hurrians
Greatest Hits Collection

Winged Bull Press, 2008. CD-ROM. Hurrian.

List Price: $19.98
Your Price: $17.98

Now with all the hits:

Hurrian Slow
Sweet Home Anatolia
Amarna Letters (Made You Cry)
Mari, Mari, Quite Contrari
Ya Had Me at Yamhad
Knock, knocking on Hatti's door

... and all the Songs of Ullikumi!

This rare collection was recently uncovered in a controlled archaeological dig, so there is no doubt of its authenticity! Nuzi fans will definitely want to complete their collection with this digitally remastered* compilation!

Also available on vinyl LP, 8-track, and clay tablet.

Look for Nuzi and the Hurrians this Spring, on tour with The Mesopotamians.

*The scribe managed to get all five fingers into the transcription.

Hostess of Heaven Hostess of Heaven
A Critical Reading (with Recipes) from the Book of Jeremiah

by T. Winke

Winged Bull Press, 2008. Cloth. English.

List Price: $99.00
Your Price: $89.10

T. Winke advances the theory that the "Queen of Heaven" in the book of Jeremiah is not the Host, but actually the Hostess of Heaven. After a close reading of the text, the conclusion is drawn that the host of heaven is actually a misreading, and it is, rather, the blueprint for a party, and that the description of the "cakes" in chapters 7 and 44 is intended as a serving suggestion.

To back up this novel theory, T. Winke has compiled over 55 recipes he believes are "coded" into the book, the most notable being the recipe for a cream-filled pastry in the form of a cylinder, flat on one side, and said to have an indefinite shelf life.

Additional items include a pattern for a Hostess of Heaven apron and a Host of Heaven oven mitt. There is some evidence that these items were sold at in-home parties by hostesses who then... (more)

April Fools!

Yes! You've been had. In the USA, April 1 (April Fool's Day) is a day for jokes and pranks. This year's April 1 edition is brought to you by James Spinti, Andy Kerr, Michael Brown, and Teresa Ellis.

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