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From the Mari Archives

Symbolism of the Biblical World

From the Mari Archives by Jack M. Sasson

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For over 40 years, Jack M. Sasson has been studying and commenting on the cuneiform archives from Mari on the Euphrates River, especially those from the age of Hammurabi of Babylon. Among Mari’s wealth of documents, some of the most interesting are letters from and to kings, their advisers and functionaries, their wives and daughters, their scribes and messengers, and a variety of military personnel. The letters are revealing and often poignant. Sasson selects more than 700 letters as well as several excerpts from administrative documen . . . (more)

Symbolism of the Biblical World by Othmar Keel
Translated by Timothy J. Hallett

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Now available in paperback, this pioneering work first appeared in 1972 in German and was the first to compare the conceptual world of a biblical book with ancient Near Eastern iconography. Eisenbrauns' English edition of Keel's classic work provides the 21st century scholar with his groundbreaking methodology. Generously illustrated with photographs and line drawings.

Neo-Assyrian Specialists

Alterity in Ancient Assyrian Propaganda

Neo-Assyrian Specialists by Heather D. Baker

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This volume is a companion to The Prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian Empire (PNA), presenting a complete register of all individuals who are identified in the Neo-Assyrian sources by a personal name as well as by some additional designation, whether it be an office or professional title, or a status or ethnic designation. While PNA presents the biographies of individuals in alphabetical order of Assyrian personal names, the present book offers the possibility of accessing this information according to other socially meaningful cri . . . (more)

Alterity in Ancient Assyrian Propaganda by Mattias Karlsson

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Just arrived, July 31!

This book is a comprehensive analysis of the image of “enemy” in Assyrian state ideology, based on royal titles attested in Assyrian documents from Old Assyrian through Neo-Assyrian times, the narratives of Assyrian royal inscriptions, and Assyrian palace art. The main focus of the study is the creation of enemy images as a timeless and universal ruling technique embodied in postcolonial concepts such as "alterity" and "the Other." The data collected by the author make it possible to make interesting co . . . (more)

Assyria: The Imperial Mission
Babylonia, the Gulf Region and the Indus
If a City Is Set on a Height

Assyria: The Imperial Mission

by Mario Liverani

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In ancient traditions, Assyria was the first world empire in a series that continued with Persia, Macedonia, and Rome. After Rome, we imagine the series bifurcating into a Western trajectory (from Charlemagne to Napoleon and the Third Reich) and an Oriental trajectory (from the Parthians and Sasanians to the Abbasids until the modern Caliphate). Assyria, often overlooked or slighted by modern studies of empire, still maintains our interest because it provides an example of the “simple form” of empire and imperialism, before subsequent  . . . (more)

Babylonia, the Gulf Region and the Indus

by Steffen Laursen and Piotr Steinkeller

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During the third millennium BC, the huge geographical area stretching between the Mediterranean in the west and the Indus Valley in the east witnessed the rise of a commercial network of unmatched proportions and intensity, within which the Persian Gulf for long periods functioned as a central node. In this book, Laursen and Steinkeller examine the nature of cultural and commercial contacts between Babylonia, the Gulf region, and Indus Civilization. Focusing on the third and early second millennia BC, and using both archaeological data  . . . (more)

If a City Is Set on a Height

by Sally Freedman

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This volume continues the publication of the important Mesopotamian omen collection Shumma Alu, with text editions of Tablets 41 through 63. After the omen texts dealing with the examination of entrails of sacrifical animals and the omens dealing with astrological phenomena, this collection ranks as next in importance. This book thus constitutes the presentation of a primary edition of an important portion of ancient Mesopotamian religious and social literature.

The first two volumes of this publication appeared in 1998 and 2006 and  . . . (more)