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Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax

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Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax

by Bruce K. Waltke and Michael Patrick O'Connor

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Table of Contents


Meeting the need for a textbook for classroom use after first year Hebrew grammar, Waltke and O'Connor integrate the results of modern linguistic study of Hebrew and years of experience teaching the subject in this book. In addition to functioning as a teaching grammar, this work will also be widely used for reference and self-guided instruction in Hebrew beyond the first formal year. Extensive discussion and explanation of grammatical points help to sort out points blurred in introductory books. More than 3,500 Biblical Hebrew examples illustrate the points of grammar under discussion. Four indexes (Scripture, Authorities cited, Hebrew words, and Topics) provide ready access to the vast array of information found in the 40 chapters. Destined to become a classic work, this long-awaited book fills a major gap among modern publications on Biblical Hebrew.

An errata sheet for the seventh and eighth printing is available for download. These changes have been incorporated into the ninth printing.

Product Details

Publisher: Eisenbrauns
Publication date: 1990
Bibliographic info: xiv + 765 pages
Language(s): English


Cover: Cloth



"This impeccably produced book provides a giant step forward in the presentation of Hebrew morpho- and semanto-syntax."--Dennis Pardee, University of Chicago in Journal of Near Eastern Studies(Vol. 53, No. 2)
"This treasure should be in the hands of everyone who uses Hebrew."--FCP in BTS Booklist
"This handsomely printed volume is a grammar for those who have mastered the fundamentals of Biblical Hebrew..."--A.A.D. in Old Testament Abstracts(Vol. 13, No. 1)
" fills the needs for an up-to-date intermediate and advanced grammar of biblical Hebrew in English."--Andrews University Seminary Studies (Vol. 28, No. 2)
"This long-awaited volume is the first major Hebrew grammar produced by American scholarship and the most detailed presentation of syntax yet published. Beautifully designed and typeset, this well-produced grammar is a must for all students of Hebrew and should be stocked by any bookstore that caters to biblical-language students."--Bookstore Journal
"The book will obviously take its place with the standard grammars of the field. It fills a real need as a research tool. For the academic program that can spare an entire second year to attain a greater mastery of Biblical Hebrew, it will be an excellent text book."--John D. W. Watts in Review and Expositor
"Its publishers too deserve commendation for the most attractive way in which the book is laid out and for producing it at a cost that publishers on this side of the Atlantic could not have matched."--J.C.L. Gibson in SOTS Booklist
"This is a welcome book. Two gifted and creative scholars have combined their efforts to fill a longstanding need in the study and teaching of Biblical Hebrew. While introductory grammars are plentiful, there has been no substantial text to guide the student through the intermediate and into the advanced level. The present volume supplies this need."--Walter R. Bodine, Dallas in Hebrew Studies(31)
"...readers of this journal will profit from the vast knowledge stored in this book, in particular from the critical treatment of new developments in the field of modern studies pertaining to Hebrew linguistics."--A.S. van der Woude in Journal for the Study of Judaism(Vol. XXI, No. 2)
"This massive book is a major achievement and advance in the study of classical (biblical) Hebrew. It is not difficult to understand for anyone who has had a good foundation in Hebrew--it is just detailed and comprehensive, an excellent reference work, as well as one worth careful reading as an intermediate or advanced grammar. One can only admire the erudition and diligence that produced this valuable work."--Leona Glidden Running, Andrews University Seminary Studies (Vol. 29, no. 1)
"I found this impressive work to be illuminating, modern, clear and informative. The layout is superb and all the examples have been taken from the Hebrew bible so the reader knows he or she is not dealing with artificial constructs."--W.G.E. Watson in Aula Orientalis
"This book fulfills a long lamented need for a solid, accessible, user-friendly intermediate biblical Hebrew grammar in English. It will be of tremendous use to students and teachers of biblical Hebrew, as well as scholars in the field."--Judith M. Hadley in Journal of Theological Studies(Vol. 43, No.1)
"...the work is an indispensable research tool. The beautifully printed Hebrew is meticulously edited, and the production of the book (layout, design) is first-rate. It even has a sewn binding, once a book industry standard..."--Zev Garber, Los Angeles Valley College in Critical Review(Vol. 5)
" impressive work in many ways, and could become a standard reference tool. Anyone who is interested in Hebrew syntax should read this book."--Jeremy Hughes, Oriental Institute, Oxford in Journal of Hebrew Studies(Vol. XLIV, No. 1)
"...Waltke and O'Connor have produced in this introduction a significant treatise on Biblical Hebrew syntax....this volume should find a place on the personal library shelf of every serious student of the Hebrew Bible. In general, the book is well organized and the English and Hebrew type are easy to read. Eisenbrauns, the publisher, should be commended for such a handsomely produced volume."--Stephen J. Andrews, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Faith and Mission
"...its authors have identified precisely an area where students need help, and where adequate tools are currently lacking. For this they are to be commended. They have produced a pioneer work which shows that the job can be provides a means of educating the educators by helping them to take a fresh look at their own grammatical categories. The strong, solid binding makes it easy to work with and is made to last . Given the large format, generous layout and high quality of printing."--Journal of Semitic Studies(Vol. 36, No. 2)
"The glossary of linguistic terms provides a great help to the general reader for whom terms such as anarthrous, ergative, deixis, telic, etc., may be new. Both authors and publishers deserve our thanks for this finely produced textbook."--Agustinus Gianto, Pontifical Biblical Institute in Biblica(Vol. 72, Fasc. 4)

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