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The Archaeology of Jordan and Beyond

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The Archaeology of Jordan and Beyond

Essays in Memory of James A. Sauer

Edited by Joseph A. Greene, Michael D. Coogan, and Lawrence E. Stager

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Table of Contents


James A. Sauer was for many years the Director of the American Center of Oriental Research in Amman, Jordan, leading it to the preeminent place it now occupies as a research institution dedicated to the archaeology and history of Transjordan. This volume honors him, with more than 50 contributions from colleagues and friends.

With this volume, the Harvard Semitic Museum inaugurates a new series entitled "Studies in the Archaeology and History of the Levant."

Product Details

Publisher: Harvard Semitic Museum / Eisenbrauns
Publication date: 2000
Bibliographic info: xvi + 529 pages
Language(s): English


Cover: Cloth



"The present volume well reflects his impact on the present perception of the archaeological heritage of Jordan and regions beyond."--Ernst Axel Knauf, Bern in Journal of the American Oriental Society(121.4, 2001)

"...a worthy memorial volume to a scholar both loved and respected."--J.R. Bartlett in SOTS Booklist(94, 2001)

"This beautiful, large-sized volume includes 45 papers, most of which deal with aspects of the archaeology of Jordan. Biblical scholars will find much of interest in this well-printed book, e.g., a report on a four-room house excavated at Lehun, dating from the Iron Age (D. Homes-Fredericq) and a historical survey of the Assyrian presence in Assyria (P. Bienkowski). Petra and the Nabateans get much attention, and so does James Sauer (d. 1999), the archaeologist whose memory is honored by the expertly produced volume." --Internationale Zeitschriftenschau fur Bibelwissenschaft und Grenzgebiete Vol. 47: 2000/2001

"Jim Sauer, whose distinguished career was cut short on 23 November 1999 by Huntington's chorea, a number of his friends and colleagues contributed forty?five articles to what was intended to be a Festschrift, but sadly became a memorial volume: The Archaeology of Jordan and Beyond: Essays in Honor of James A. Sauer. As the stature, quality, and breadth of expertise of the contributors testify (the list reads like a Who's Who of Syro?Palestinian and Jordanian archaeology), this impressive volume is a worthy tribute to Jim Sauer's life. Lawrence E. Stager, Joseph A. Greene, and Michael D. Coogan were the editors of the volume, which includes tributes by a string of royal personages, distinguished diplomats, and scholars, including Walter Rast, Raouf Sa'd Abujaber, the Royal Hashemite Court, and Prince Raad Bin Zeid, and letters by Keith Beebe, Adnan Hadidi, John B. Hennessy, Thomas R. Pickering, Stuart Swiny, Joan M. Undeland, and David K. Undeland. Anthony Appa provides a bibliography of Jim's publications.

Overall, it can be said that the articles reflect the qualities of the distinguished authors who wrote them. The topics covered are wide-ranging. Some articles deal with inscriptions and ancient writings, others with sites--excavations and surveys--while still others with geography, aspects of material culture, archaeological history, and archaeological methodologies and interpretation.

The volume is nicely produced by Eisenbrauns. The illustrations that were employed are useful and of good quality. The breadth of topics, the range of their geographical focus, and the high stature of the contributors are a fitting testimony to Sauer's influence and contribution to the field of Near Eastern Archaeology. This volume is a "must have" for any serious student or scholar who is interested in archaeological research in this part of the world." --Randall W. Younker, Seminary Studies 40 (Spring 2002)

"This collection of essays honors the work of one who dedicated his career to the study of the history and archaeology of Jordan, namely, James A. Sauer. But after perusing the opening pages of the book, one clearly sees that this volume does more than simply recognize the work produced by a particular individual. Rather, it rightly honors the man himself. By unfortunate necessity, the original purpose of the collection as a Festschrift changed to that of a memorial volume following Sauer's untimely death in 1999 at the age of 54. Despite his early passing, Sauer's interest in and hands-on work in the lands of the Bible resulted in a long, impressive career. It began when he served as a volunteer on excavations at both 'Iraq el-Amir and Tell Deir 'Alla in 1960 and continued to span nearly four decades of teaching, fieldwork, publication, administration, and public lecturing.

The volume contains forty-five essays dealing with a wide array of specific topics and sites. The articles are all of manageable length and average eleven pages each, with only two entries stretching to more than twenty pages. Each entry is adequately referenced with its own, independent bibliography, and most contributions are generously illustrated with photographs, line drawings, charts, tables of data, etc. The volume includes a well- organized table of contents and a brief index of sites mentioned but lacks a general index of subjects and authors cited throughout the text. The contributions are well edited and, in every case, prove insightful and quite informative without becoming overly technical, a fact that makes them appropriate for use by students of archaeology as well as by scholars in the field." --Ron E. Tappy, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, in JNES, January 2004.

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