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Biblical Studies

  Biblical Studies
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Child Sacrifice in Ancient Israel

The Completion of Judges

Child Sacrifice in Ancient Israel by Heath D. Dewrell

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Just arrived, May 26

Among the many religious acts condemned in the Hebrew Bible, child sacrifice stands out as particularly horrifying. The idea that any group of people would willingly sacrifice their own children to their god(s) is so contrary to modern moral sensibilities that it is difficult to imagine that such a practice could have ever existed. Nonetheless, the existence of biblical condemnation of these rites attests to the fact that some ancient Israelites in fact did sacrifice their children. Indeed, a close reading . . . (more)

The Completion of Judges by David J. H. Beldman

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The last five chapters of the book of Judges (chs. 17–21) contain some shocking and bizarre stories, and precisely how these stories relate to the rest of the book is a major question in scholarship on the book. Leveraging work from literary studies and hermeneutics, Beldman reexamines Judges 17–21 with the aim of discerning the "strategies of ending" that are at work in these chapters. The author identifies and describes a number of strategies of ending in Judges 17–21, including the strategy of completion, the strate . . . (more)

Making Sense of the Divine Name in the Book of Exodus

"And Inscribe the Name of Aaron"

Making Sense of the Divine Name in the Book of Exodus by Austin Surls

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The obvious riddles and difficulties in Exod 3:13–15 and Exod 6:2–8 have attracted an overwhelming amount of attention and comment. These texts make important theological statements about the divine name YHWH and the contours of the divine character. From the enigmatic statements in Exod 3:13–15, most scholars reconstruct the original form of the name as “Yahweh,” which is thought to describe YHWH’s creative power or self-existence. Similarly, Exod 6:3 has become a classic proof-text for the Documentary Hypothesis and an indication of d . . . (more)

Edited by Yigal Levin and Ber Kotlerman

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From the Foreword:

Some twenty years ago, Professor Aaron Demsky was on the campus of the Johns Hopkins University, visiting colleagues and friends. At the time, I was writing my dissertation at Hopkins under the direction of P. Kyle McCarter, Jr., the W. F. Albright Professor of Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Kyle said to me, "There is someone I want you to meet." Within moments, I was conversing with Aaron Demsky. I am certain that we conversed about the Bible and epigraphy, but I must confess that I do not reme . . . (more)

Adam and Eve Story in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Perspectives
Hope for a Tender Sprig
Doubling and Duplicating in the Book of Genesis

Adam and Eve Story in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Perspectives

Edited by Antti Laato and Lotta Valve

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In August 2014 a conference was organized in Turku with the topic "Where are you, Adam? A New Understanding of Adam in Jewish-Christian-Muslim Context." The conference was a part of a research project which was funded by the Academy of Finland during the years 2013–2017. Almost 30 papers were presented in the conference and they, together with two other papers, are published in the volumes SRB 7 and 8. This volume, SRB 8, Adam and Eve Story in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Perspectives, consists of the papers that are relat . . . (more)

Hope for a Tender Sprig

by Matthew H. Patton

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Jehoiachin reigned a mere three months before Nebuchadnezzar took him into exile. He was one more Judean king who did evil in the eyes of Yahweh, and his one recorded action as king was to surrender to the Babylonians. How significant can a king be whose reign ended when it had scarcely begun? Remarkably, unlike his uncles, Jehoahaz and Zedekiah, Jehoiachin did not disappear after his removal. Instead, he became the focus of ongoing prophetic discussion about the monarchy, his rehabilitation by Evil-Merodach was a turning point in the e . . . (more)

Doubling and Duplicating in the Book of Genesis

Edited by Elizabeth R. Hayes and Karolien Vermeulen

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The style of the Hebrew Bible has long been of significant interest to scholars and exegetes alike. Early Jewish and later Christian commentaries point out the importance of the exact wording in interpreting the text, and many an article has been written on features such as repetition and inclusio. With the rise of literary and narrative criticism in biblical studies, these features have received even more attention. The current book stands in the tradition of Robert Alter in that it focuses on how the text of Genesis is written and phr . . . (more)