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#SPOT1# If a City Is Set on a Height
The Akkadian Omen Series Shumma Alu ina mele Shakin, Volume 3: Tablets 41-63

by Sally Freedman
Occasional Publications of the Samuel Noah Kramer Fund - OPSNKF 20
Eisenbrauns, 2017. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575067681

List Price: $70.00
Your Price: $63.00

This volume continues the publication of the important Mesopotamian omen collection Shumma Alu, with text editions of Tablets 41 through 63. After the omen texts dealing with the examination of entrails of sacrifical animals and the omens dealing with astrological phenomena, this collection ranks as next in importance. This book thus constitutes the presentation of a primary edition of an important portion of ancient Mesopotamian religious and social literature.

The first two volumes of this publication appeared in 1998 and 2006 and  . . . (more)

#SPOT2# Babylonia, the Gulf Region and the Indus
Archaeological and Textual Evidence for Contact in the Third and Early Second Millennia BC

by Steffen Laursen and Piotr Steinkeller
Mesopotamian Civilizations - MC 20
Eisenbrauns, 2017. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575067568.

List Price: $59.50
Your Price: $47.60

Just arrived, May 26!

During the third millennium BC, the huge geographical area stretching between the Mediterranean in the west and the Indus Valley in the east witnessed the rise of a commercial network of unmatched proportions and intensity, within which the Persian Gulf for long periods functioned as a central node. In this book, Laursen and Steinkeller examine the nature of cultural and commercial contacts between Babylonia, the Gulf region, and Indus Civilization. Focusing on the third and early second millennia BC, and . . . (more)

#SPOT3# Assyria: The Imperial Mission

by Mario Liverani
Mesopotamian Civilizations - MC 21
Eisenbrauns, 2017. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575067544

List Price: $59.50
Your Price: $47.60

Just arrived, May 26!

In ancient traditions, Assyria was the first world empire in a series that continued with Persia, Macedonia, and Rome. After Rome, we imagine the series bifurcating into a Western trajectory (from Charlemagne to Napoleon and the Third Reich) and an Oriental trajectory (from the Parthians and Sasanians to the Abbasids until the modern Caliphate). Assyria, often overlooked or slighted by modern studies of empire, still maintains our interest because it provides an example of the “simple form” of empire and  . . . (more)

Child Sacrifice in Ancient Israel Child Sacrifice in Ancient Israel

by Heath D. Dewrell
Explorations in Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations -- EANEC 5
Eisenbrauns, 2017. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575064949

List Price: $49.50
Your Price: $44.55

Just arrived, May 26

Among the many religious acts condemned in the Hebrew Bible, child sacrifice stands out as particularly horrifying. The idea that any group of people would willingly sacrifice their own children to their god(s) is so contrary to modern moral sensibilities that it is difficult to imagine that such a practice could have ever existed. Nonetheless, the existence of biblical condemnation of these rites attests to the fact that some ancient Israelites in fact did sacrifice their children. Indeed, a close reading . . . (more)

Tel Miqne: Field IV Lower—The Elite Zone, Part 2: The Iron Age IIC Late Philistine City Tel Miqne: Field IV Lower—The Elite Zone, Part 2: The Iron Age IIC Late Philistine City
Tel Miqne-Ekron, Volume 9, Part 2: The Iron Age IIC Late Philistine City

by Seymour Gitin, Trude Dothan, and Yosef Garfinkel
Miqne 9/2
Harvard Semitic Museum / Eisenbrauns, Forthcoming, July 2017. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575069579

List Price: $99.50
Your Price: $92.54

In press!

This well-illustrated volume presents the evidence from Stratum Pre-IC of the end of the 8th century, from Strata IC and IB of the 7th century, when Ekron achieved the zenith of its physical growth and prosperity, and from Stratum IA, the final Iron Age IIC phase of the early 6th century BCE. It offers a detailed discussion of the Iron Age IIC occupational history; a comprehensive analysis of the ceramic assemblages; a quantitative analysis of the pottery from the main Stratum IB buildings; and studies on vessel capa . . . (more)

"Prayer and Power"
Proceedings of the Conference on the God’s Wives of Amun in Egypt during the First Millennium BC

Edited by Meike Becker, Anke Bloebaum, and Angelika Lohwasser
Agypten und Altes Testament - AAT 84
Ugarit-Verlag, 2017. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9783868352184

Your Price: $105.00

The God’s Wife of Amun was the highest-ranking priestess in Ancient Egypt. During the 8th–6th century BC the institution of the God’s Wife of Amun gained religious, political and economic influence. A woman of the royal family is the earthly wife of the highest god in the contemporaneous Egyptian pantheon. Her religious influence was based on the concept of purity, and during processions on the occasions of festivals, she played an active role in the contact between god and humankind. As head of the Theban priesthood, she controlled one . . . (more)

Organization, Administrative Practices and Written Documentation in Mesopotamia during the Ur III Period (c. 2112-2004 BC) Organization, Administrative Practices and Written Documentation in Mesopotamia during the Ur III Period (c. 2112-2004 BC)
A Case Study of Puzris-Dagan in the Reign of Amar-Suen

by Changyu Liu
KEF: Karum - Emporion - Forum. Beiträge zur Wirtschafts-, Rechts- und Sozialgeschichte des östlichen Mittelmeerraums und Altvorderasiens
Ugarit-Verlag, 2017. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9783868352269

Your Price: $133.00

This book aims to clarify the way that the Puzriš-Dagan organization functioned, by providing a comprehensive study of its organizational structures, administrative practices, and the written documentation dating to the reign of Amar-Suen, the third king of the Third Dynasty of Ur (c. 2112–2004 BC). This study depends on abundant Neo-Sumerian textual data (c. 6000 published and unpublished texts), which constitutes a promising source for Assyriological studies of the political, socio-economic, and religious history of the anc . . . (more)

The Servant of God in Practice The Servant of God in Practice

Edited by J. W. Rogerson and John Vincent
Practice Interpretation - PI 6
Deo Publishing, 2017. Paper. English.
ISBN: 9781905679379

Your Price: $29.95

Just arrived, June 2

Practice Interpretation takes the everyday social conditions of people as they are described in the Bible and looks at emerging issues that confront today's interpreters in daily life. The latest volume in the Practice Interpretation series deals with the multifaceted and significant biblical theme of the Servant of God.

J.W. Rogerson is Emeritus Professor of Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield and a Canon Emeritus of Sheffield Cathedral. His many publications cover the historical, geogra . . . (more)

Semantik und Ethik des Wortfeldes Semantik und Ethik des Wortfeldes "Ergon" im Johannesevangelium

by Alexander Drews
Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament, 2 Reihe - WUNT 431
Mohr Siebeck, 2017. Paper. German.
ISBN: 9783161546600

Your Price: $133.50

In this volume, Alexander Drews studies the use, semantics and ethical significance of the lexical field Ergon in John's Gospel. He discusses all the relevant instances and compares their meaning with Aristotle's famous Ergon (‘task', ‘function') argument and an antique corpus. The heart of the work is a detailed exegetical section evaluating the lexical field's ethical effect. Central to this is John 3, 18–21, which opens up a perspective from the ‘area of light', the ‘area of darkness' and an ‘ambivalent action area' an . . . (more)

An Apostle in Battle An Apostle in Battle
Paul and Spiritual Warfare in 2 Corinthians 12:1–10

by Lisa M. Bowens
Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament, 2 Reihe - WUNT 433
Mohr Siebeck, 2017. Paper. English.
ISBN: 9783161548604

Your Price: $118.50

In this close reading of 2 Corinthians 12:1–10, Lisa M. Bowens provides a detailed historical-critical exegesis and comparative analysis to establish that Paul links his ascent in 2 Corinthians 12:1–10 to 2 Corinthians 10:3–6 where he foregrounds a cosmic battle around the mind and the knowledge of God. In 10:3–6, the apostle presents a trilateral framework of cosmology, epistemology, and theological anthropology, which converge in his heavenly journey. Lisa M. Bowens examines a variety of Jewish and Greco-Roman texts and calls attenti . . . (more)