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Going Green—Turn, Turn, Turn

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Spring is finally here, and the many avid gardeners among us are turning over a new leaf — quite literally, in the case of our compost piles. With that in mind, we bring you four new products from partner Winged Bull Press on the themes of "green" and "compost." Happy digging!

New Titles from Winged Bull Press

by Professor P. Spewforth - The Royal Outhouses of Ashurbanipal

The Royal Outhouses of Ashurbanipal
by Professor P. Spewforth

List Price: $145.00
Your Price: $130.50

This series of tablets recently appeared on the antiquities market and was snatched up by Winged Bull Press. Contained on 20 tablets were the actual clay prints (you can't really say blueprints, can you?) for Ashurbanipal's royal outhouses, including permanent and portable models. This edition includes cuneiform hand copy, transcription, translation, and textual commentary. The textual commentary is complete with color swatches, and decorating tips. Also includes an index, artist's reconstructions, and glossary.

by Noah S. Ark and Gon A. Fishin - Antediluvian Animals

Antediluvian Animals
by Noah S. Ark and Gon A. Fishin

List Price: $75.00
Your Price: $71.25

In the finest tradition of First Compendious Near Eastern Grammar, Vol. 2: The Unknown Languages, Winged Bull Press is pleased to bring you great eyewitness accounts of the nesting rituals of unicornus mythicus and the socialization of young Yeti.

Using our Real Life™ reconstructions on the enclosed DVD, you can see the T.Rex, the unicorn, and other antediluvian animals in their natural setting. Do your own research and publish the findings (royalty plans available for using Real Life™ videos). Winged Bull Press has the perfect storage unit for your research findings in our Winged Bull Compost Bin.

Contains an appendix explaining how to deal with large quantities of compost, both from your research and from the animals on the ark.

 - Winged Bull Compost Bin

Winged Bull Compost Bin 

List Price: $225.00
Your Price: $225.00

Fertile minds generate lots of paper. Winged Bull Press has the solution. The great minds at Winged Bull Press have always felt that the Green Press Initiative is a great start, but didn't go far enough. This past year, after numerous market tests and much research, they are proud to announce the solution to messy desks, overflowing inboxes, and the general paper clutter that is so abundant in the academic setting.

Introducing the Winged Bull Compost Bin.

Now available in three models:
BS for "Baby stuff," looks like a copy paper box. Easily fits under a dorm room bunk bed; no handle required, just flip it over every few days. Makes great compost out of those syllabuses you always seem to get each semester.

MS for the graduate student; it handles those monographs you have to accept but will never read, the reading lists for your comprehensive exams, undergraduate exams, all those other things a busy TA and graduate student never has time to look at. Looking suspiciously like an inbox, your students will never know they are actually improving your plants, not just their minds. Expandable, just stack like regular inboxes. If you get over four high, though we recommend the granddaddy of them all:

The PhD, for really piling on the compost. This model will handle the offprints, book reviews, requests for recommendations, committee meeting reports, faculty notes, press releases, etc., that you never seem to have room for. This model looks just like a 2 drawer filing cabinet, complete with handle for turning — just remember to turn the label on the drawers over when you turn it. This model will turn out great compost in less than a semester, so you will always have room for the next semester's onslaught of new... ideas, yeah, that's what they are...

Winged Bull Press: Fertile Ideas from the Fertile Crescent

 - Acadamia Nuts, sampler pack

Academia Nuts—Sampler Pack
Your Price: $15.00

There are a lot of nuts in the academic world, but none compare to these.

Generous 1 lb. sampler pack includes our famous Publish-or-Perish Pistachios™, as well as Peanuts, Comma, Working For™ and the occasional Chestnut of Wisdom™.

Academia Nuts... if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em!

by Paul Korchin - Markedness in Canaanite and Hebrew Verbs

Markedness in Canaanite and Hebrew Verbs
by Paul Korchin

List Price: $49.95
Your Price: $46.45

Semitic linguistics is arguably involved in its own version of a "maximalist versus minimalist" controversy with respect to verbal morphology. Dissent persists about whether and to what degree the Northwest Semitic verb paradigms underlying languages such as Biblical Hebrew and Amarna Canaanite (yaqtul, yaqtulu, yaqtula) are themselves determinative of tense-aspect-mood values, as opposed to extra-verbal structures ranging from syntax to discourse. To label a verb form as marked or unmarked for these values is to evoke a bountiful yet nebulous complex of theories about how language is built and employed. But Semitists have often unwittingly bleached markedness terms of their full historical and technical significance, reducing them to generic appellations that are invoked in sporadic and nearly random fashions. By applying markedness to Semitic morphology in a consistent and rigorous manner, this innovative book brings to bear a venerable linguistic construct on a persistent philological crux, in order to achieve deeper clarity in the structures and workings of Canaanite and Hebrew verbs. Korchin's arguments hold relevance for translating and interpreting nearly every sentence in ancient texts such as the Hebrew Bible and the Amarna letters.

by Yoram Cohen - The Scribes and Scholars of the City of Emar in the Late Bronze Age

The Scribes and Scholars of the City of Emar in the Late Bronze Age
by Yoram Cohen

List Price: $44.95
Your Price: $41.80

The city of Emar, modern Tell Meskene in Syria, is one of the most important sites of the western ancient Near East during the Late Bronze Age that have yielded cuneiform tablets. The discovery of more than one thousand tablets and tablet fragments assures Emar's position, along with Bogazkoy-Hattusa and Ras-Shamra-Ugarit, as a major scribal center. Ephemeral documents such as wills or sale contracts, texts about rituals and cultic festivals, school texts and student exercises, and inscribed seals and their impressions enable reconstruction of the Emar scribal school institution and provide materials for investigation into the lives of more than fifty scribes whose works were found in the city. The aim of this book is to place Emar's scribal school institution within its social and historical context, to observe the participation of its teachers and students in the study of the school curriculum, to investigate the role of the scribes in the daily life of the city (in particular within the administration), and to evaluate the school's and its members' position within the network of similar institutions throughout the ancient Near East.

by Yoo-Ki Kim - The Function of the Tautological Infinitive in Classical Biblical Hebrew

The Function of the Tautological Infinitive in Classical Biblical Hebrew 
by Yoo-Ki Kim

List Price: $34.95
Your Price: $32.50

One of the intriguing and insufficiently understood features of Biblical Hebrew is the use of an infinitive form alongside a finite verb of the same root. The function of this construction has generally been understood as serving to provide some kind of emphasis. However, neither translations nor grammars are consistently able to explain what is being emphasized by the use of this construction. This volume, which is a revision of the author’s Ph.D. dissertation at the Johns Hopkins University (2006), examines the tautological infinitive construction in Classical Biblical Hebrew (that is, the Hebrew written during the First Temple Period, more or less equivalent to the material in Genesis–2 Kings, excluding "P") in order to give a coherent and consistent explanation of its function. In a final chapter, Kim discusses the use of the tautological infinitive in Classical Biblical Hebrew in relation to its use in non-Classical biblical texts and Semitic languages in order to set it in a broader context.

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