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Reading Old Testament Narrative as Christian Scripture

"Seventy Sevens Are Decreed"

Reading Old Testament Narrative as Christian Scripture by Douglas S. Earl

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Douglas Earl sets out a fresh perspective on understanding what is involved in reading Old Testament narrative as Christian Scripture. Earl considers various narratives as examples that model different interpretive challenges in the form of exegetical, ethical, historical, metaphysical, and theological difficulties. Using these examples, the significance of interpretive approaches focused on authorial intention, history of composition, canonical context, reception history, and reading context are conside . . . (more)

by Ron Haydon

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Few passages in the Old Testament are as enigmatic as Daniel 9:24-27. It makes sense, therefore, that a myriad of interpretations surround these four verses. Expanding on Brevard Childsís brief work on Daniel, Haydon responds to this question with a canonical approach to Dan 9:24-27: reading a text that is shaped to include future generations of faithful interpreters. The first part lays the groundwork for a canonical approach. Whereas most biblical scholars read Daniel 9 through the lens of historical- and composition-critical tools, C . . . (more)

Imprecation as Divine Discourse

Knowledge by Ritual

Imprecation as Divine Discourse by Kit Barker

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Christian readers of the Hebrew Bible are often faced with a troubling tension. On the one hand, they are convinced that this ancient text is relevant today, yet on the other, they remain perplexed at how this can be so, particularly when parts of it appear to condone violence. Barkerís volume seeks to address this tension in two parts: (1) by defending a particular form of theological interpretation and (2) by applying this interpretive method to the imprecatory psalms.

Barker suggests that the goal of theological interpretation  . . . (more)

Knowledge by Ritual by Dru Johnson

List Price: $39.95
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What do rituals have to do with knowledge? Knowledge by Ritual examines the epistemological role of rites in Christian Scripture. By putting biblical rituals in conversation with philosophical and scientific views of knowledge, Johnson argues that knowing is a skilled adeptness in both the biblical literature and scientific enterprise. If rituals are a way of thinking in community akin to scientific communities, then the biblical emphasis on rites that lead to knowledge cannot be ignored. Practicing a rite to know occurs frequent . . . (more)

The <i>Imago Dei</i> as Human Identity
Paul and His Mortality
Wrestling with the Violence of God

The Imago Dei as Human Identity

by Ryan S. Peterson

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Theologians and Old Testament scholars have been at odds with respect to the best interpretation of the imago Dei. Theologians have preferred substantialistic (e.g., image as soul or mind) or relational interpretations (e.g., image as relational personhood) and Old Testament scholars have preferred functional interpretations (e.g., image as kingly dominion). The disagreements revolve around a number of exegetical questions. How do we best read Genesis 1 in its literary, historical, and cultural contexts? How should it be read the . . . (more)

Paul and His Mortality

by R. Gregory Jenks

List Price: $47.50
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While many books are written on Jesus' death, a gap exists in writings about the theological significance of a believer's death, particularly in imitation of Jesus'. Paul, as a first apostolic witness who talked frequently about his own death, serves as a foundational model for how believers perceive their own death. While many have commented about Paul's stance on topics such as forensic righteousness and substitutionary atonement, less is written about Paul's personal experience and anticipation of his own death and the merit he assig . . . (more)

Wrestling with the Violence of God

Edited by M. Daniel Carroll R. and J. Blair Wilgus

List Price: $37.50
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The prevalence of evil and violence in the world is a growing focus of scholarly attention, especially violence done in the name of religion and violence found within the pages of the Old Testament. Many atheists consider this reason enough to reject the notion of a supreme deity. Some Christians attempt to exonerate God by reinterpreting problematic passages or by prioritizing portrayals of God's nonviolence. Other Christians have begun to respond to violence in the Old Testament by questioning the nature of the text itself, though not . . . (more)