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Ancient Near East

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If a City Is Set on a Height

Babylonia, the Gulf Region and the Indus

If a City Is Set on a Height by Sally Freedman

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This volume completes the publication of the important Mesopotamian omen collection Shumma Alu. After the omen texts dealing with the examination of entrails of sacrifical animals and the omens dealing with astrological phenomena, this collection ranks as next in importance. This book thus constitutes the presentation of a primary edition of an important portion of ancient Mesopotamian religious and social literature.

Babylonia, the Gulf Region and the Indus by Steffen Laursen and Piotr Steinkeller

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During the third millennium BC, the huge geographical area stretching between the Mediterranean in the west and the Indus Valley in the east witnessed the rise of a commercial network of unmatched proportions and intensity, within which the Persian Gulf for long periods functioned as a central node. In this book, Laursen and Steinkeller examine the nature of cultural and commercial contacts between Babylonia, the Gulf region, and Indus Civilization. Focusing on the third and early second millennia BC, and using both archaeological data  . . . (more)

At the Dawn of History

Assyria: The Imperial Mission

At the Dawn of History Edited by Yağmur Heffron, Adam Stone, and Martin Worthington

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In press!

Nearly 50 students, colleagues, and friends of Nicholas Postgate join in tribute to an Assyriologist and Archaeologist who has had a profound influence on both disciplines. His work and scholarship are strongly felt in Iraq, where he was the Director of the British School of Archaeology, in the United Kingdom, where he is Emeritus Professor of Assyriology in the University of Cambridge, and in the subject internationally. He has fostered close collaboration with colleagues in Turkey and Iraq, where he has been invol . . . (more)

Assyria: The Imperial Mission by Mario Liverani

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In ancient traditions, Assyria was the first world empire in a series that continued with Persia, Macedonia, and Rome. After Rome, we imagine the series bifurcating into a Western trajectory (from Charlemagne to Napoleon and the Third Reich) and an Oriental trajectory (from the Parthians and Sasanians to the Abbasids until the modern Caliphate). Assyria, often overlooked or slighted by modern studies of empire, still maintains our interest because it provides an example of the “simple form” of empire and imperialism, before subsequent  . . . (more)

Assyrian Royal Rituals and Cultic Texts
Fortune and Misfortune in the Ancient Near East
Divination as Science

Assyrian Royal Rituals and Cultic Texts

by Simo Parpola

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The internal stability and cohesion of the Neo-Assyrian Empire to a very considerable degree rested on the public image of the King as an omnipotent earthly representative of God. Many elaborate rituals were designed and performed in order to promote this image and firmly implant it in the minds of the king's subjects, vassals and enemies. The corpus of royal rituals known to us includes a long series of ritual acts to be performed by the king in the temples of Aššur, Ištar and other gods; rituals performed during th . . . (more)

Fortune and Misfortune in the Ancient Near East

Edited by Olga Drewnowska and Malgorzata Sandowicz

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In the week between July 21 and 25, 2014, the University of Warsaw hosted more than three hundred Assyriologists from all over the world. In the course of five days, nearly 150 papers were read in three (and sometimes four) parallel sessions. Many of them were delivered within the framework of nine thematic workshops. The publication of most of these panels is underway, in separate volumes. As is usually the case, the academic sessions were accompanied by many opportunities for social interaction among the participants, and there was t . . . (more)

Divination as Science

Edited by Jeanette C. Fincke

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There is no doubt that ancient Near Eastern divination is firmly rooted in religion, since all ominous signs were thought to have been sent by gods, and the invocation of omens was embedded in rituals. Nonetheless, the omen compendia display many aspects of a generally scientific nature. In their attempt to note all possible changes to the affected objects and to arrange their observations systematically for reference purposes, the scholars produced texts that resulted in a rather detailed description of the world, be it with respect to . . . (more)