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March 11, 2014

#SPOT1# The Making of Many Books
Printed Works on Ecclesiastes 1523-1875

by Stuart Weeks

Eisenbrauns, 2014. Paper. English.
ISBN: 9781575063140

List Price: $32.95
Your Price: $29.66

Taking advantage of the unprecedented access to books and information that has become available in the last few years, this bibliography identifies and traces the history of hundreds of books and articles on Ecclesiastes published in many different languages before 1875. It includes not just scholarly literature but exegetical sermons, homiletic works, and poetic paraphrases of the text in order to offer significantly more comprehensive coverage than in any earlier bibliography. The publication history of each work is outlined in detail... (more)

#SPOT2# Lamaštu
An Edition of the Canonical Series of Lamaštu Incantations and Rituals and Related Texts from the Second and First Millennia B.C.

by Walter Farber
Mesopotamian Civilizations - MC 17
Eisenbrauns, 2014. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575062587.

List Price: $99.50
Your Price: $89.55

Lamaštu was one of the most important Mesopotamian demons, playing a dominant role in the magico-religious and magico-medical beliefs and practices of ancient Mesopotamia for nearly two millennia. Yet, she has never been the subject of a scholarly monograph dedicated to the textual and visual evidence for her, her activities, and the measures that ancient magical specialists took to counter her. This volume also falls short of this description, because it covers only one part of the material: it is an edition of the textual record only,... (more)

#SPOT3# The Lamentation over the Destruction of Ur

by Nili Samet
Mesopotamian Civilizations - MC 18
Eisenbrauns, 2014. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575062921

List Price: $89.50
Your Price: $80.55

The goal of this book is to present a revised edition of the Sumerian Lamentation over the Destruction of Ur, a lament bewailing the fall of the glorious Ur III kingdom in 2004 B.C.E.

Lamentation is a well-known genre in world literature. Laments of various types are part of the cultural legacy and literary corpus of many societies, from ancient to modern times, and Sumerian literature is no exception. However, Mesopotamian lamentation literature includes a significant body of laments belonging to a unique and almost unp... (more)

The Royal Inscriptions of Sennacherib, King of Assyria (704-681 BC), Part 2 The Royal Inscriptions of Sennacherib, King of Assyria (704-681 BC), Part 2

by A. Kirk Grayson and Jamie Novotny
Royal Inscriptions of the Neo-Assyrian Period - RINAP 3/2
Eisenbrauns, 2014. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9781575062426

List Price: $89.50
Your Price: $80.55

The Royal Inscriptions of Sennacherib, King of Assyria (704-681 BC), Part 2 (Royal Inscriptions of the Neo-Assyrian Period 3/2) provides reliable, up-to-date editions of 195 texts of Sennacherib, as well as 26 other late Neo-Assyrian inscriptions that might belong to this king and 2 inscriptions of his family (including one of his wives, Tashmetu-sharrat). The volume contains historical inscriptions on bull and lion colossi from Nineveh, rock reliefs, stone horizontal prisms, and clay cylinders and prisms from other cities under... (more)

Crucifixion and Death as Spectacle Crucifixion and Death as Spectacle
Umayyad Crucifixion in Its Late Antique Context

by Sean W. Anthony
American Oriental Series - AOS 96
American Oriental Society, 2014. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9780940490376

Your Price: $39.50

What historical continuity, if any, existed between the practice of crucifixion in the early Islamic polity and crucifixion as practiced by the Byzantines in the Late Roman empire and by the Sasanids in Persia? Crucifixion and Death as Spectacle explores how the first caliphal dynasty of early Islam, the Umayyads, employed crucifixion in its sundry forms to punish brigands and heretics and to humiliate rebels and enemies, and how, while doing so, the Umayyads drew upon a late antique legacy of punitive practices associated with cruc... (more)

Studies on the Nabataean Culture I Studies on the Nabataean Culture I
Refereed Proceedings of the International Conference on the Nabataean Culture

Edited by Nabil I. Khairy and Thomas Weber
Studies on the Nabataean Culture 1
American Center of Oriental Research-Amman (ACOR), 2013. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9789957420031

Your Price: $75.00

This volume contains the published papers of the conference that took place in Petra in May 2012.

Christ Absent and Present Christ Absent and Present
A Study in Pauline Christology

by Peter Orr
Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament, 2 Reihe - WUNT 354
Mohr Siebeck, 2014. Paper. English.
ISBN: 9783161528835

Your Price: $126.50

In his letters, the Apostle Paul can express both the confidence that Christ dwells in the believer (Rom. 8:10) and the longing for Christ to return so that believers can finally be united with him (1 Thess. 4:17). Peter Orr develops the case that this under-explored relationship between the presence and absence of Christ sheds important light on Paul's Christology. In the first part of this book he examines how two of the 20th century's leading Pauline scholars (Albert Schweitzer and Ernst Käsemann) express almost precisely opposite views... (more)

History, Ideology and Bible Interpretation in the Dead Sea Scrolls History, Ideology and Bible Interpretation in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Collected Studies

by Devorah Dimant
Forschungen zum Alten Testament - FAT 90
Mohr Siebeck, 2014. Cloth. English.
ISBN: 9783161510212

Your Price: $271.00

In this volume Devorah Dimant assembles twenty-seven thoroughly updated and partly rewritten articles discussing various aspects of the Dead Sea Scrolls that she published over the past three decades. An introductory essay written especially for this volume surveys the present state of research on the Scrolls. Dealing with major themes developed in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the author reflects the rapid expansion and change of perspective that has taken place in research on the collection in recent years following its full publication. Among t... (more)

Hippolyts Schrift <i>In Danielem</i> Hippolyts Schrift In Danielem
Kommunikative Strategien eines fruhchristlichen Kommentars

by Katharina Bracht
Studies and Texts in Antiquity and Christianity - STAC 85
Mohr Siebeck, 2014. Paper. German.
ISBN: 9783161520341

Your Price: $142.50

Hippolytus' writing In Danielem (around 204 AD) is the oldest complete extant consecutive interpretation of an entire book of the Bible written by a Christian author. It is one of the oldest of this kind of texts which is still being actively discussed by exegesis scholars up to this day and are used a great deal in the study and teaching of theology as well as in church practice. Katharina Bracht analyzes In Danielem , focusing in particular on its communication strategies in the communication triangle of pretext, commentary and re... (more)

Anthropologie und Ethik im Fruhjudentum und im Neuen Testament Anthropologie und Ethik im Fruhjudentum und im Neuen Testament
Wechselseitige Wahrnehmungen. Internationales Symposium in Verbindung mit dem Projekt Corpus Judaeo-Hellenisticum Novi Testamenti (CJHNT) 17.-20. Mai 2012, Heidelberg

Edited by Matthias Konradt and Esther Schlapfer
Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament, 1 - WUNT 322
Mohr Siebeck, 2014. Cloth. German and English.
ISBN: 9783161527272

Your Price: $247.00

This volume is a collection of the contributions to a symposium which, in the endeavor to perceive early Jewish and New Testament texts in light of one another, dedicated 14 paired papers to the analysis of central anthropological and ethical topics from the perspectives of New Testament as well as early Jewish literature, in particular the so-called pseudepigrapha. These articles range in their content from the motif of being made in the image of God, the question of sin and dealing with violence, aspects of sexual ethics and ethics of pr... (more)

Götter, Tempel und Kult der Judäo-Aramäer von Elephantine Götter, Tempel und Kult der Judäo-Aramäer von Elephantine
Archäologische und schriftliche Zeugnisse aus dem perserzeitlichen Ägypten

by Angela Rohrmoser
Alter Orient und Altes Testament - AOAT 396
Ugarit-Verlag, 2014. Cloth. German.
ISBN: 9783868350821

Your Price: $148.00

With its documents, contracts, lists, and ostraca, as well as archaeological evidence, the settlement of the Judeo-Aramaeans on the Nile island of Elephantine has left a unique legacy of their culture in the 6th to 4th centuries B.C. These primary sources are also interesting for scholarly research into the emergence of Old Testament texts of the 5th century B.C. The present work focuses on the topics of gods, temples, and the cult of the Judeo-Aramaeans of Elephantine and in doing so applies exegetical, historical-critical and archaeological ... (more)

Grammatik der dokumentarischen Texte des Mittleren Reiches Grammatik der dokumentarischen Texte des Mittleren Reiches

by Marc Brose
Lingua Aegyptia Studia Monographica - LASM 13
Widmaier Verlag, 2014. Cloth. German.
ISBN: 9783943955132.

Your Price: $129.00

Documentary texts -- documents of daily life like letters, contracts, accounts etc. -- are one of the quantitatively most underrepresented text corpora in grammars of Middle Egyptian. Although publications dealing with special questions rely quite often on documentary texts these studies have in most cases a limited scope and they do not address observed phenomena as characteristics of documentary texts. The work presented here wants to close these gaps pursuing three goals: first, the collection and documentation of all grammatical and ... (more)

Lingua Aegyptia 20 (2012) Lingua Aegyptia 20 (2012)

Edited by Heike Behlmer, et al.
Lingua Aegyptia / Journal of Egyptian Language Studies 20
Widmaier Verlag, 2013. Cloth. German, English, and French.

Your Price: $99.00

Lingua Aegyptia (recommended abbreviation: LingAeg) publishes articles and book reviews on all aspects of Egyptian and Coptic language and literature in the narrower sense:
(a) grammar, including graphemics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, lexicography; (b) Egyptian language history, including norms, diachrony, dialectology, typology; (c) comparative linguistics, including Afroasiatic contacts, loanwords; (d) theory and history of Egyptian literature and literary discourse; (e) history of Egyptological linguistics.

Aramazd Aramazd
Armenian Journal of Near Eastern Studies 7/1 (2012)

Edited by Aram Kosyan and Armen Petrosyan
Aramazd 7/1
Association for Near Eastern and Caucasian Studies, 2013. Paper. English.

Your Price: $50.00

Aramazd is the yearly publication of the Association for Near Eastern and Caucasian Studies of Armenia, in conjunction with the Institute of Oriental Studies and the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography (National Academy of Sciences of Armenia). The articles are in English with summaries in Armenian.

State Archives of Assyria Bulletin 19 (2011-2012) State Archives of Assyria Bulletin 19 (2011-2012)

Edited by Frederick Mario Fales, Giovanni B. Lanfranchi, and Simonetta Ponchia
S.A.R.G.O.N. Editrice e Libreria, 2013. Paper. English and French.

Your Price: $175.00

State Archives of Assyria Bulletin (SAAB) is published twice a year as an international forum for discussion on Assyria and Assyrian texts. The journal is concerned with articles illustrating the history, philology and linguistics of the texts stemming from the ancient Assyrian state archives, and any related topic. The journal was conceived as part of the Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project and was originally intended to supplement the SAA series of text publications by offering a vehicle for the publication of new texts and of detailed... (more)